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Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification

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Are you ready for a soul-nourishing career in geomancy?

This course will guide you in connecting to your inner power, how to truly open up your intuition, harness your healing abilities, and master techniques to clear and heal the land as a Certified Geomancer.

Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda SoGeomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Starkphia & Alex Stark

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Patricia Lohan

To say the course was life-changing is an understatement. The training has been invaluable in deepening my knowledge & connection with the land.


Your teachings and guidance allowed me to listen, see and feel the energies of the land in profound ways and learn tools to help clear the land and stay in relationship with nature.


Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark
Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark

It knocked me off my feet because I was amazed, I was enlightened, my heart opened. It just it brings this whole understanding and whole connection.

All this incredible, incredible volumes and volumes and volumes of information, and technical information, and the history, and worldly knowledge. It was so eye-opening and so informative. I love that.

Liz Dupre, Civil Engineer

When we heal the land we in turn,
heal ourselves.

If you’re passionate about the earth, the land & Mother Nature, why not turn your passion into a career?

Let’s take a look at the course….

Let’s take a look at the course…

The Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification is an internationally accredited course that teaches you everything you need to know about Geomancy & Land Healing so you can deeply connect with nature, and fully support your own home, land, and clients.

Whether you want to connect with Mother Nature, incorporate Geomancy in your existing services or you want to serve the land by healing it, this course will propel you into a new dimension of healing.

In this self-paced, online, year-long journey you will experience Alex Stark’s powerful shamanic teachings and Amanda Sophia’s holistic blend of knowledge and wisdom.

The Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification holds space for technical and spiritual aspects of the land, to restore, reconnect and revitalize your relationship with Mother Earth.

How to heal the earth

This course is powerful & energetically charged for…

Professionals working with houses and home spaces

Earth-enthusiasts and Professionals working with the Land

Start your practice or integrate land healing in your field of work. Share your light with the world in the most profound way, from the ground up. This course is ideal for you if you love Mother Earth and want to revive your career with powerful services. You can start a rewarding career as a land healer with international certification. Our graduates have thriving practices consulting individuals, organizations, and companies.

Geomancy compliments these careers perfectly:

Feng Shui Consultants

Both Feng Shui and Geomancy rely on the same principle, energy lines, and energetic flow. Both act as acupuncture for their respective environments, where the most prominent nerves (energetic lines) are pinpoints of healing and release. When you do consultations as a Feng Shui expert, you can further assess the land and other underlying issues the home might be suffering from which will benefit your client’s health, finances, and relationships even more.

Landscape Designers & Landscape Architects

Geomancy dives deeper than the aesthetics but further nurtures an energetic approach to understanding the distribution of vegetation, placement of driveways, and understanding the optimal blueprint of the site. This helps to understand where the sacred & spiritual forces, negativity, and high frequency are greatest and how to optimize these.

Interior Designers

Geomancy can help with understanding geomatic problems in specific rooms that could lead to health problems. Then Geomancy and Feng Shui tools and remedies combined can optimize the vibration in the space for the client’s ultimate health and well-being.


Understanding the site is crucial to a successful design. Geomancy can tell architects that there are underlying issues in the land itself, outside of the geology and building practices that architects already implement. This allows architects to allocate specific rooms to an optimized energy placement.

Agricultural Careers

Geopathic stress can negatively impact crops, production, and livestock. When Geomancy & Land healing is practiced on the land it can benefit farmers and other agricultural careers to produce high-quality crops grown from rich soil, increased production, and healthier livestock. We also see geopathic stress affecting barns with symptoms such as early abortions, health problems, and fungal infections in animals.

Apicultural Careers

Bees are directly affected by the earth’s energy, when surrounded with geopathic stress it can reduce reproduction, cause health issues, and combined with pesticides and chemicals this can cause stress on the bees themselves.

Holistic Healers

Medicinal Gardeners

Understanding how the larger environment is affecting the inner environment, where geopathic stress can affect health and wellness in homes, communities, and lives of the people who live on the land.

Acupuncturists and Chiropractors can recognize clients who are affected by geopathic stress through meridians and when combining Geomancy in their services can heal the land and consequently that area in their client’s body and life.

Understanding how the energy in the soil can affect the herbs and remedies that grow from it, meaning the quality of the medicine is greater when geopathic stress is recognized and healed front the land these herbs grow from.

You may have an existing business, perhaps as an architect or holistic healer or landscape designer and now you’re looking to expand your services. There are so many benefits to incorporating Geomancy & Land Healing in other fields. It doesn’t just end there, if you don’t fall under any of these fields Geomancy can still be a brand new career to unpack. You’ll be able to implement these changes in your personal life first and then in your client’s land and lives for the ultimate transformation.

Hear from my students who have used Geomancy to upgrade their services, transform their lives and heal the earth.

Sarah OConnell

The International Feng Shui School is outstanding among a large number of Feng Shui training schools in existence today… built on the principles of classical Feng Shui and led by a beacon of light, Amanda Sophia.

Not only will you be lavished with the accumulation of wisdom and knowledge that comprises the course, but you also become competent in the practical side of classical feng shui AND have lots of fun along the way!!

Sarah O Connell, Sligo Ireland

I had improved health, a rather complicated financial issue was resolved in our favor, and I concluded to make a career change to Feng Shui consulting after many years in retail business and also corporate America.

It is extremely rewarding to see progress in my life and the lives of others through applying skills learned from Amanda Sophia and the International Feng Shui School.

Diana A, San Diego

Diana A
Aine Atara

I am an interior architect myself and I really wanted to understand the art of this thousand of years old ancient practice.

I feel confident in my abilities to practice Feng Shui as Amanda’s School provides a complete and comprehensive manual as well as lots of online resources.

Áine Atara, Interior Architect

When we’re invested in nurturing our connection to the Mother, we naturally align with the microcosms of energies of her womb.

Do you feel disconnected, detached, or desensitized?

Do you feel overwhelmed, burdened, or emotionally heavy?

With our combined years of working with clients and learning about the land, we present you with over 70 years of wisdom accumulated by working with thousands of clients from all over the world. The most common challenge we’ve found is disconnection, which presents itself in various forms. From conflicts in relationships, uncertainty and anxiety, and financial strain all the way through to a lack of self-compassion.

Without a stable foundation and harmony in our surroundings, we cannot easily connect with our inner power and intuition. That foundation is built on the cornerstones of connection with Mother Nature and balance in both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Reuniting with nature and rekindling the balance she welcomes, allows us to connect more with ourselves and others on a deeply centered level that welcomes flourishing compassion, balance, and community.

We’ve taught Acupunturists, Architects, Energy Healers, Landscape Designers, Biodynamic Argiculturists, Feng Shui consultants who’ve all given similar feedback… integrating Geomancy in their services has not only welcomed new opportunities but has allowed them to fulfill their client’s needs in new, profound and sustainable ways.

Geomancy is a career designed for the authentics, the lightworkers, the earth-enthusiasts and those who want to spark irrevocable change in a world that so desperately needs it.

“We live inside a great web of relationships that include the earth, the sky, and your community. You honor those relationships by right livelihood, a sense of wonder for all that is, and by the gratitude, you display in everything you do.”

Alex Stark

What can you offer your existing clients?

content content content

health and wellness Amanda meditating

Health & Wellness

  • Does your client wish to improve their health?
  • Do you work with clients who constantly feel exhausted?
  • Does your client suffer from long-term illness and chronic pain?







Abundance & Wealth

  • Do your clients complain about financial blocks?
  • Have they struggled to sustain their profits?
  • Do your clients desire abundance in their businesses?







abundance and wealth geomancy
balance and alignment

Balance & Alignment

  • Do you have clients who struggle to maintain balance in life?
  • Do they struggle to align with their purpose or goals?
  • Do your clients constantly feel disconnection & dissociation?







Relationships & Family

  • Do you have clients with marital issues?
  • Does your client experience constant conflict in relationships?
  • Does your client struggle with ancestral trauma?
  • Do they long for deeper connections with others?







relationships and family
Agricultural & Ecological benefits of Geomancy

Growth & Production

  • Do your clients struggle with livestock production?
  • Do they want to implement sustainable results?
  • Are their crops suffering with problematic soil?







Business & Property

  • Does your client desire their business to thrive?
  • Are they thinking of purchasing or renting a property?
  • Are they developing land?







business property development
Mary Gilmer

Not only are my consultations now providing dynamic results, I know I have become a better person for taking the course. I would recommend the course to all true spiritual seekers.

I felt something missing, with my practice only intermittently effective. I will forever be grateful that I was led to the International School of Feng Shui, and to my Master’s Certification in Feng Shui.

Mary Gilmer, Award-winning interior designer, and Certified Feng Shui Consultant.

Not only has it benefited me, but I’m also seeing a positive difference in the people whose houses I’ve applied Feng Shui to.

Since opening up to the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui, I’m starting to connect the dots in other areas of my life. Thank you amazing Amanda!

Fiona O’Neill, Vocalist for the Women of Ireland

Fiona O’Neill

Welcome Beloved

Get to know us!

Twenty-something years ago, I met Alex Stark when I took his Geomancy and Land Healing course in San Francisco. I had already submerged myself in the study and practice of Feng Shui but discovered such richness once I learned from Alex. Geomancy took me right back to my time spent exploring as a little girl and reminded me of my meaningful connection to the earth, where I could fall in love with her energy and be completely vulnerable.

We both had a passion for Feng Shui, Land Healing, and more importantly, connecting others with the Earth, with the cycles of nature, and guiding others into immersive alignment throughout all areas of their lives. Alex and I built a beautiful friendship over these years and decided to combine our passions and so our in-person retreats were born. We led many throughout the forests and sacred sites of Ireland, leading them into their awakenings and teaching dowsing techniques, traditional blessings, and much more.

Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark

The more we did this, the more explosive the response was from our students and we realized that we could reach many more souls with an accessible online course. This is how the Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification came to life, the mutual desire we had to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to connect with the Mother and truly lose themselves in the magic of Land Healing. The idea was that it would be a shorter course with condensed content conveniently designed for the modern, busy life. We quickly realized how deep the course’s veins ran and we simply had to extend it to a full year of study. We did this because we know that healing takes time, and throughout the course our students are faced with various aspects of healing, from past traumas and ancestral healing, to deeply healing their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. This is not only a beautiful thing to witness, but it allowed us to confidently provide our students with more time to work through these aspects of healing and gain even more support through our live calls and exercises. We’ve had the most beautiful response and can’t wait to see how this community of Land Healers expands.

I’ve worked with clients like…

Amanda Sophia - Feng Shui Master with over 20 years experience
Alex Stark

My greatest joy is to empower you. I teach you how to transform your space and life, and share your unique light with the world. As a working mom, I also share my personal practices for self-care and self-love, perhaps the most essential part!”

“I have dedicated my professional life to supporting individuals interested in the land, their homes, their work, and how to consciously integrate them together. Harmony is the natural condition of life, and we are alive in order to manifest that harmony in everything we do. Our relationship to the land and Mother Nature is the foundation for this.”

AMANDA SOPHIA is a Feng Shui Master and Celtic Priestess with more than 20 years of experience consulting and teaching. She founded the International School of Feng Shui over a decade ago and continues to oversee all aspects of this global business, including the Inner Circle of Feng Shui membership site. Amanda has helped companies like Bloomingdales, Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, and Dreamworks improve employee morale, productivity, and profits. She has consulted with thousands of individual clients and taught many more. Her work is geared towards helping clients and students gain confidence, have fulfilling work, happier relationships, and greater prosperity.

Amanda has traveled the world studying some of the world’s great wisdom traditions. She has trained directly with Feng Shui masters in China. Amanda is also a certified yoga teacher, as well as a trained Shaman and Celtic Priestess. Her courses weave these disciplines into a one-of-a-kind program of transformation.

ALEX STARK is an internationally recognized consultant, advisor, and teacher on issues of creativity, efficiency, and design. A graduate of the Yale University School of Architecture, he is a practitioner of Feng Shui, Oriental astrology, European Geomancy, and Native American Earth Healing. As such, he advises on issues of design and placement for built environments, and issues of personal and institutional transformation.

Alex is a recipient of a Ford Foundation scholarship for cross-cultural studies and was named Scholar of the House by Yale University. He has been a consultant to the United Nations Development Program in public health and regional planning.

Alex has been in the faculty of the Feng Shui International Network in London, the European School of Feng Shui in Amsterdam, the French School of Geomancy in Paris, the International Feng Shui School in Ireland, the Long Island Feng Shui Institute (NY), the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui (CA), the Feng Shui Alliance (NJ).

You may have seen my content on…

What is Geomancy?

Quantum physics proves that everything is made of energy and, for centuries, the Earth has been studied from all angles. We now know that Ley Lines, Geopathic Stress, underwater streams, mineral deposits, and many other energetic aspects make up and impact the land we live on, which directly affects other aspects of our environment.

Geomancy is a natural science that integrates aspects such as geophysics, astrology, meteorology, ecology, hydrogeology, environmental landscape science and architecture, all to improve the vibrational frequency of the land. Through Geomancy, we learn how to identify, locate, and heal natural or man-made issues that are negatively affecting the land and those inhabiting it. These wounds of the land can come from past trauma, geopathic stress, and can be buried deep inside the energetic lines of the land from past ancestral traumas such as war, distress and environmental imbalance.

What is Feng Shui?

What is Geopathic Stress?

Disturbances in the earth’s energies causes Geopathic stress, which is basically the same as our bodies experiencing high forms of stress and presenting that into illness or imbalance. Geopathic stress can have a number of negative and detrimental effects to humans, from sleeplessness, infertility, cancers, and headaches, to larger mechanical failures in construction and the cause of “black streams” which can be harmful and deadly in excavation, mining, explosions and more.

High accidents zones and high illness rates zones can be directly linked to geopathic stress in the energy lines of that area. Geopathic stress can travel from streams or throughout the steel construction frames of buildings and spread into larger areas if not recognized and healed through Geomancy. Diseases such as cancer, down’s syndrome, addictions, schizophrenia, obsessions, location-specific depressions and anxiety and Chron’s disease among many have been recorded to affect areas with Geopathic stress.

What is dowsing Geomancy & Land Healing course

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing has been practiced throughout history, it’s visible in cave paintings, Egyptian sketches, and Chinese etchings, and one thing has always remained consistent: dowsing has been used to find the hidden and bring it to the light.

Geomancy means Divination of the earth, and through dowsing, we use tools that connect two things: location and divination. We use these tools to find, and once discovered we learn the reasons behind what we’ve found. This can be sources of water underground, mining or energy lines, and geopathic stress.

Dowsing tools can vary depending on the user, the type of divination, and personal preference. These tools can be bought but also made from anything that the Dowser resonates with. The most common tools are L-shaped metal rods, pendulums, and Y-shaped sticks. As long as the device is held correctly and it’s able to shift direction upon detection or discovery, it can be utilized.

“We live inside a great web of relationships that include the earth, the sky, and your community. You honor those relationships by right livelihood, a sense of wonder for all that is, and by the gratitude, you display in everything you do.”⠀Alex Stark⠀

Welcoming Healing Through Geomancy

Beloved, you can welcome healing in your personal life, and in your career and guide others through transformational transitions in their lives and homes through working with the land, and learning to honor the earth.

This journey opens you up to support the land you live on, your client’s land and unlock endless physical, emotional, environmental, agricultural, architectural, spiritual and energetic benefits.

We teach with intention, combining a powerful blend of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, balanced to heal the earth and land from deep within. We’re breaking bonds, releasing old belief systems and clearing the land of all that’s held it back from THRIVING.

Financial Freedom

Financial Sustainability

In Geomancy we heal the energy of the land, ridding it of any financial blocks. This can benefit clients who struggle to achieve their profit goals or families who are burdened by financial difficulty. Once these blocks are removed abundance and wealth can freely flow into the lives of the land owners/dwellers and their businesses.


Physical Well-being and Healing

Geomancy allows us to heal many blocks, and stresses, removing the negative energy in the land. Healing these energy lines promotes health and wellness for any individual affected by these energy lines, where illness used to run through communities, healing now flows, and often time the positive result is felt nearly immediately.

Supported Sleep

Supported Sleep

One of the many symptoms of Geopathic stress is insomnia, negative sleeping patterns, or destructive sleep cycles. When this is assessed and healed, the land’s occupants can feel a distinct positive difference in their sleep, and this nurtures an improved and productive mindset.

Mental Clarity

Enhances Mental Clarity

We’ve found that many occupants affected by Geopathic Stress struggle with mental clarity, decision-making, and creativity. Once these energetic blocks are removed and the land’s trauma is healed, it welcomes the energy of clarity and focus, leading to a clearer mind, flowing freely and creatively. Many artists benefit from this to open their creativity and enhance their performance in their creative fields.

Healthy Relationships

Relationships and Deeper Connections

Stress can often cause conflict, Geopathic stress is no exception. When families or relationships are affected by geopathic stress it can often lead to conflict or emotional distance. Once Geomancy is practiced on the land, these connections can be healed, restored, and embraced. This is also powerful for those ready to open up to love and new relationships, clearing the negative energy in the land welcomes intimacy and the cultivation of new relationships.

Clear negative energies

Removes Negative Energy

By clearing the land of negative energy through dowsing, sound healing, chanting, space clearing, and other ancient tools we invite new, positive, inviting energies to flow through the land, homes, and lives of the land’s occupants. This includes healing sites that experience hauntings and negative energy from the previous landowner’s ancestors that could affect the new owner negatively.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Much like mental clarity, Geomancy promotes productivity. The land can be bound by energetic blocks of procrastination, stagnation, or just dead energy. When we work with the land, we can find the cause of dead energy and stagnation, through divination we heal these aspects and welcome productive, living, and fruitful energy – ready to take the world by a storm of light and love.


Career advancement

Business Success

While working with small-large business owners, CEOs and large corporations Geomancy can improve their business success through profit increases, livestock productivity, positive relationships within the company, increased resources, and much more. All through healing the Geopathic stress that causes conflict in the workplace, financial blocks and infertility, and illness in livestock to name a few.

Increased Fertility

Increased Fertility

Geopathic stress can affect both humans and livestock when it comes to infertility, decreasing the chances of pregnancy and increasing the risks of miscarriage. Working with the land and lay lines allow us to remove these blocks and promote fertility, reduce chances of miscarriages and often in livestock: and promote the number of successful livestock mating seasons. Geomancy also promotes great success in fertility and family planning in the lives of the land’s occupants.


International Feng Shui School Guild

The Feng Shui Master Certification online course is brought to you by the International Feng Shui School. Amanda founded the International Feng Shui School over a decade ago with the mission to offer support and teachings to help raise the level of consciousness, person by person, and the vibration of the planet, home by home.

The International Feng Shui School is a Gold Level School with the International Feng Shui Guild. The International Feng Shui Guild is the premier professional organization dedicated to Feng Shui.

We provide you with everything you need when you invest in your career as a certified Geomancer!

The only thing you will need to purchase or make is your dowsing tools.

The following is included in the course:

  • Study at your own pace with training videos and audios to transform yourself and heal the land.
  • 50 hours of video training.
  • Join live calls with Alex and Amanda over the course of 12 months or listen to recordings afterward.
  • Get matched with an accountability partner that you can walk with on this journey. 
  • Do exercises to step into your greatest self.
  • Take quizzes to help retain what you’ve learned.
  • Lifetime access to all class materials.
  • Practice meditations, rituals, breath work, and more to heal and thrive.
  • Connect with our wonderful community in a private Facebook group and IFSS forum.
  • Download the files, documents, and forms you need to start a career as a Geomancer.
  • Get listed as a Certified Geomancy Consultant on the International Feng Shui School website
  • PLUS, get additional training on how to prosper as a Certified Geomancer & Land Healing Consultant.
dowsing tool geomancy

Start a career as a Geomancer & heal the earth and her people…

What is a Geomancer?







What are the benefits of a career in Geomancy & Land Healing?








Give professional Feng Shui consultations

We’re collectively healing the earth using ancient wisdom.

I took the course to enhance my energy transformation business. Little did I know it would be this school that would transform me.

It is rare that I find something so profound, so beautiful that it literally knocks me on my butt and makes me rethink my entire life. That is what Amanda does. That is what this school is meant for.

Bryce K.

Bryce Kennedy
Sophia Lotter

There is much information, depth, and material to learn, and she presents it in such a way that makes it entirely manageable and rewarding.

The amount of work and love that has been put into what she teaches is evident from day one of the course.

Sophia Lotter

Why is Healing Important?

tree twined connection

Everything is connected








Our Mother


tree hugging woman
nature balance

The Balance of the Divine








The Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification course is ideal for you if you’re seeking…

Tick icon

Balance and Alignment

If you’re interested in connecting with Mother earth, completely surrendering to her seasons and cycles, and cultivating more balance in your home, life, relationships, and profession. If you long to sustain alignment to Source and guide others to do the same.


Tick icon

Financial Sustainability

You want to become a Geomancer, making $200+ an hour or thousands per project depending on the scope of the site. You want to start your new career TODAY. 

Tick icon

Enhanced Professional Skills

You want to expand on your current professional services, proving your clients with a holistic approach to healing, expand on resources, and help your clients (and their businesses) to THRIVE!

Tick icon


If you’ve studied Geomancy before or practiced Land Healing and you want to expand your knowledge or learn advanced dowsing techniques.

Tick icon

A Travel-friendly Business

If you want to travel, work remotely, and help clients from anywhere in the world, spreading healing internationally.

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Begin Your Transformative Journey Today


A purpose-Filled Career partnered with Mother Nature

A complete soul-metamorphosis in 12 powerful modules

Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark

Module 1

Introduction & Connection

Dive into the history of Geomancy, the philosophy, and the rationale behind it, and discover its spiritual aspects. Learning the land’s needs and how healing it in the past can guide us to an aligned future.

Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark

Module 2

Personal Development

Discover your Ancestral connections, how to invoke them, and learn to work with them through Sacred Sites and personal spiritual practices. How to connect on a deeper level to the Land and nature and how to open to your intuition and inner magic.

Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark

Module 3


Learn about Earth and Water Dragon formations, dragon veins and ley lines, sacred places and energy vortices. We’ll discuss the health of Earth dragons and how landform impacts urban development and vice versa, with Upper world and lower-world meditations to connect to these realms.

Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark

Module 4

Introduction to Dowsing

Go out in the field and start testing your new skills using Geomancy tools such as L-Rods, Pendulum, or maybe even hazel twigs. Learn how to be safe while dowsing and how to walk the land and interpret results.

Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark PRACTICAL DOWSING MODALITIES

Module 5

Practical Dowsing Modalities

Discover, identify, and measure Dragon Veins, Geopathic Stress, underground water, Geomantic Grids, mineral deposits, Spirit and Ley Lines, ghosts and hauntings, and more!

Module 5 intermediate dowsing Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark

Module 6

Intermediate Dowsing

Learn dowsing techniques for covering large plots, how to dowse on abrupt terrain and inaccessible areas, and learn to dowse for water and electrical lines.

MODULE 6 GEOPATHIC STRESS Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark

Module 7

Geopathic Stress

Go deeper into learning one of the most common issues found within the land: Geopathic Stress. Learn what causes it, what effects it can have on the land and occupants, and how to correct it in order to welcome abundance and healing to the land.


Module 8

Advanced Dowsing

Dive even deeper into advanced dowsing techniques, such as remote dowsing, dowsing without tools, and dowsing in Sacred Sites. We’ll discuss your role as a Geomancer, and how to step into this purposed-profession with confidence and conviction. 

Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark

Module 9

Activations and Honoring

We’ll discuss Goddess Ériu, The Mother, Pachamama, the Mother of us all, and how we can honor her through blessing. How to identify and use crucial points, such as Energy Vortices and Blessing points to activate and honor the land. Also, learn how to build a Carin and give offerings to the land.

Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark

Module 10

Corrections & Cures

Learn how to use specific items as cures when correcting underground water streams, Geomantic Grids, mineral deposits, Spirit & Fairy Lines, and ghosts & hauntings. We’ll discuss Electro-Magnetic Radiation and how you can identify which measures of correction to take when healing the land.

Module 11 Example Dowsing consultation  Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark

Module 11

Dowsing Example Consultations

Practice your skills in example cases. Assess raw land, dowse an existing home & business, dowse for a future event, for water and buried electrical lines, and practice blessings for your clients. This prepares you step-by-step for your first consultation.

Module 12 Case StudiesGeomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark

Module 12

Case Studies

Support your clients with compassion. Before completing your own case studies, learn the importance of empathizing with clients, understanding their suffering, and meeting their needs. Complete case studies for business, residential and raw land.

But that’s not all… we added bonus modules!

Fiona Finn

“Feng Shui can be done remotely or actually on site. I have a mix of both, which I love.”

Fiona Finn

Helene Lang

“Feng Shui is a beautiful tool – it has many much deeper layers.”

Helene Lang

Helene Lang

“Feng Shui is a beautiful tool – it has many much deeper layers.”

Helene Lang

Bonus 1: Top 5 Alchemic secrets for Business Success


Bonus 2: Healing Ancestral Lineage


Bonus 3: Numbers and Forms: Sacred Geometry


Bonus 4: Sacred Land-  Architecture, Sacred Geometry, and Earth Energies


Bonus 5: Ancient Dowsing using Metal Rods & Stakes


Bonus 6: Creating Boundaries for Healthy Living


Ian Claxton

It wasn’t until I used it on my own business that I truly realized the power of this cosmic energy. Amanda has helped me reconnect with this way of life.

Amanda works from her heart and is very gifted at what she does. I completed her Feng Shui course equipped with the ancient knowledge and wisdom of this beautiful art and complex science.

Ian Claxton, Ireland

The certification covered all aspects of Feng Shui, giving me the knowledge and confidence to start my Feng Shui business.

Amanda is an inspiration — a living, breathing expression of the magic of Feng Shui. Her knowledge, passion, and love permeate the entire training.

Patricia Lohan

Patricia Lohan

This is more than a Land Healing course…

Prepare for a complete soul-metamorphosis

content content content

Self-Paced, Start Anytime

You can start studying TODAY. There’s no waiting period, no specific time frame, and no experience required. You’ll have access to all LIVE class recordings and you will be fully supported when you decide to start your Geomancy journey.


You will get assigned an accountability partner who you can count on for support, insight, and perspective. Practice creating and holding space for each other and sharing your experiences.

Lifetime access

Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to all the materials, recorded classes, and the supportive community. You’re always welcome to retake lessons, join the conversations and attend live online classes. 

On-going Support

This is not a once-off investment and then you’re on your own. No! We’re here to support you, and guide you and we won’t leave you hanging once you’ve completed the course. We’re cultivating a supportive community that will hold space for you in your career as a Geomancer and Land Healer. We want you to THRIVE, ask all the questions you need, and continue to grow in your passion for the earth.

In-depth Case Studies

You will be asked to create three case studies that allow you to practice all your skills and use the knowledge you’ve gained during the course, from residential, and commercial to raw land. This prepares you for your future clients and we provide in-depth feedback to advance your skills into a successful career!

Live Classes & Recordings

Each year you can join our live online classes and actively participate in conversations with Alex, Amanda, and other students. We know life can get so busy that you might not make these calls each time so we will always ensure you get a recording of it to watch at your leisure. You’ll also have access to years worth of recordings from past live classes.

Guidance from Amanda & Alex

Both during and after the course, we will guide you on how to heal the land you live on, take readings, observe the land, practice dowsing techniques and work with the land so that you can confidently do this for your future clients.

Join the Directory

After completing the certification, you can choose to be added to the International Feng Shui School’s directory of Geomancers & Feng Shui consultants. The directory can help potential new clients find you based on your location.

Have questions? Have a chat with Amanda.

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Why did we create the Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification course?


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Alex and Amanda Head to Head

Why are there LIVE classes?

When you start your Geomancy & Land Healing journey with us, you’re invited to a year of LIVE classes, where questions are welcome and support is freely given.

Each LIVE class with go over the topics of the modules in-depth and allow for the community to be cultivated among the students as well as with both Alex & Amanda.

You may ask why we do this, why everything isn’t just prerecorded and given with the course content right? We do add all LIVE recordings to the course and you’ll have access to the recordings forever, but we firmly believe that this journey isn’t meant to be walked alone.

The purpose of the LIVE classes is to give on-hand support, creating a safe space for you to ask questions and cultivate a level of curiosity that inspires you to continue your journey. While we’re studying, learning, and appreciating nature we can bond and create a tribe of earth lovers and lightworkers that add value and light to each other’s lives.

These classes are like family meetings we have, the Earth as our Mother, holding us in sacred space as we equip ourselves with the knowledge and wisdom to heal, appreciate and embody her.

Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark

It’s suggested that the Geomancy & Land Healing students attend all the live classes at some point during their studies.

Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification Live Class Dates

  • The certification is a 12-month course with live calls on the following dates:

    October 14th 2022, with Amanda & Alex
    November 4th 2022, with Alex
    November 11th 2022, with Amanda & Alex
    December 9th 2022, with Amanda & Alex
    December 23rd 2022, with Amanda
    January 6th 2023, with Alex
    January 13th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
    February 10th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
    February 24th 2023, with Alex
    March 10th 2023, with Amanda and Alex
    March 24th 2023, with Amanda
    April 7th 2023, with Amanda
    April 14th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
    May 5th 2023, with Alex
    May 12th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
    June 9th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
    June 23rd 2023, with Amanda
    July 7th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
    July 21st 2023, with Alex
    August 4th 2023, with Amanda & Alex
    August 25th 2023, with Amanda
    September 8th 2023, with Amanda & Alex

    All Live Virtual calls are on Fridays from 10AM – 11:30AM PST / 1PM – 2:30PM EST / 6PM-7:30PM GMT / 7PM – 8:30PM CET

Farrah S

As a professional interior designer, my goal is to enhance my client’s quality of life and make them feel good about their living or working environment.

I became interested in learning about Feng Shui and I felt harmony in the class with Amanda’s vast knowledge and her loving and happy demeanor. I recommend Amanda’s beneficial training for design professionals or any interested individuals.

FARRAH S, Professional Interior Designer

I took Amanda’s Feng Shui Master training and it has changed my practice and life! I have been in the healing arts for over 16 years.

This ancient art has helped me to see an even more in-depth and complete view of my patient’s health and lifestyle. Feng Shui starts to shift their life as soon as you start the consult and the changes are POWERFUL!

Sarah Wergin, R.N., Acupuncturist, Sound Healer

Sarah Wergin

I want to flourish financially.

I want to be connected to the Mother.

I want to heal!

I want deeper intimacy in my relationship.

I want to guide others into abundance.

I want to thrive.

With Geomancy, all of this is not only possible, but it’s at your fingertips!

Geomancy & Land Healing with Amanda Sophia &

Are you ready to invest in new skills that can make your existing services more effective? Or, are you ready to start a new business doing what you love?

It can feel daunting to invest in a course and I hear you, Beloved. Any investment needs thought, consideration, and possibly some doubt. It can be hard to invest in yourself and make a drastic change in your skills and career, especially if you’ve been stuck in survival mode for so long. 

This is not just another online course to purchase and forget about Beloved. This course supports transformation, it lights a path to financial abundance and wealth, an expanding career, and a complete metamorphosis of self. Feng Shui is the ultimate investment in yourself, your well-being, your relationships, and your livelihood.

If you are interested but you feel as if you need more information or guidance on this decision, please reach out to me via email or social media. I’d love to connect with you and together we can assess if this is the best choice for YOU

We have different payment plans because we understand that a single payment isn’t always possible. We want to make it easy for you to say yes to healing, abundance, and joy.

BEST Value

Single Payment




6 monthly payments of



Low Monthly

12 monthly payments of



PayPal Credit allows you 6 months of interest-free financing. Payments must be completed within 6 months to be interest-free. All you have to do is fill out a quick application, and you will get a credit decision in seconds.

Find out more and apply: US students, UK students

Quality Training Guarantee

Soul Satisfaction Guaranteed

Invest in yourself with confidence

With the resources, support, and materials in this course we’re certain that it will transform your energy and life. But! If you’re not sure, we’d like to give you the peace of mind to invest risk-free. 

If for any reason, after 14 days of purchasing the course, you feel it’s not for you or perhaps it doesn’t resonate, just let us know and we’ll give you a 100% refund on your purchase.

We know this works, we know the wisdom is carried by the ancients, and the materials are carefully curated, the result of abundance and transformation speak for themselves. That being said, we always want you to feel safe in your investments both for yourself and your business. If you decide to invest in yourself, your future, and your goals with this course then you will have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Frequently Asked Questions

We always aim to answer as many questions as we can, but there might be specific questions that aren’t covered in the FAQ section. We’re here to be transparent and supportive, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns that you may have and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the format and how long does it take to complete?

The Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification course is a 12-month (1-year) course and includes over 20 online classes with Alex and Amanda. The course comprises of  50 hours of video content, downloadable documents & resources, quizzes, and case studies to prepare you for your new career as a Geomancer & Land Healer.

When are the live classes?

Classes begin 14th October 2022

The certification is a 12-month course with live calls on the following dates:

October 14th 2022, with Amanda & Alex

November 4th 2022, with Alex

November 11th 2022, with Amanda & Alex

December 9th 2022, with Amanda & Alex

December 23rd 2022, with Amanda

January 6th 2023, with Alex

January 13th 2023, with Amanda & Alex

February 10th 2023, with Amanda & Alex

February 24th 2023, with Alex

March 10th 2023, with Amanda and Alex

March 24th 2023, with Amanda

April 7th 2023, with Amanda

April 14th 2023, with Amanda & Alex

May 5th 2023, with Alex

May 12th 2023, with Amanda & Alex

June 9th 2023, with Amanda & Alex

June 23rd 2023, with Amanda

July 7th 2023, with Amanda & Alex

July 21st 2023, with Alex

August 4th 2023, with Amanda & Alex

August 25th 2023, with Amanda

September 8th 2023, with Amanda & Alex


All Live Virtual calls are on Fridays from:

10AM – 11:30AM PST

1PM – 2:30PM EST

6PM-7:30PM GMT

7PM – 8:30PM CET


Tell me more about the International Feng Shui School

We opened our doors to students worldwide in 2003. Since then, we have been honored to welcome students from all cultural and professional backgrounds. You may check out our International Feng Shui School Directory to see some of our graduates. Gather inspiration as you explore how each student has created their path with our high-level training.

How is this different from other Geomancy training programs?

Both Alex and Amanda have decades and decades of wisdom in shamanic practices, Geomantic practices, rituals, blessings, altars, and dowsing and have deepened knowledge from worldwide traditions. 

We believe that Geomancy should be accessible to all in the modern world, as our Mother is craving healing and desperately calls for connection with her children. We aim to answer all questions, bringing a depth of both the technical and spiritual levels of Geomancy to a delicate balance during the course.

Amanda incorporates her teaching as a Celtic Priestess and invites the spiritual aspect of Geomancy with a deep connection to the ancestors, other realms, and the Divine Feminine.

Alex brings balance with a sweet Divine Masculine energy that also focuses on the technical and natural science aspect of Geomancy with over 40 years of experience and research in various cultures and working with land all over the world. 

This training is designed to prepare you for a new career in Geomancy, you will be guided step-by-step through personal growth, exponential self-development, and a profound connection to nature that you’ve never experienced before. You will be ready to dowse, clear and bless the land professionally and we’ll prepare you for encounters with clients during the consultation as well as how to handle different land sizes. 

Students feel unequivocally supported through this journey with our LIVE classes, our private forum, and our community cultivated by compassion and a combined thirst for knowledge and wisdom. We’ve created a safe space for you to grow, expand and thrive!

Will I have access to Alex & Amanda for questions?

Yes! Both Alex & Amanda loves engaging with students in the private Facebook group and IFSS forum. You can ask questions, as well as share stories, concerns, and successes. 

We also have a wonderfully supportive community from past students to guest experts who share the latest tips and their personal experiences – saturated soil to grow as a Geomancer. 

We can genuinely say: that when you sign up for the Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification course, you become part of our tribe, our community, and our family. Engaging in lifelong learning is paramount to us. As we shift our inner and outer landscape, we raise our consciousness. We come closer to realizing our potential for global peace, harmony, abundance, and preparation for the new earth. 


Can I travel and work while studying?

Yes! Many of our students work full-time, study full-time or part-time, and study Geomancy in between. We have healers, digital nomads, civil engineers, business owners, parents, and architects to name a few who study Geomancy part-time!

Can I learn on the go?

Yes, our course is easily accessible online so many of our students learn while they’re going for a run, traveling, or making dinner! 

Where are students learning from around the world?

The International Feng Shui School has a directory of graduates representing more than a dozen countries! 

We have new alumni joining on a regular basis and would love to welcome you.

Where will I be recognized after completing the course?

Once you’ve completed the certification, you will be added to the directory where others will be able to find you. You will be accredited with an International certificate, you’ll be able to practice Geomancy & Land Healing all over the world!

What can I do after completing the Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification course?

You will be a certified Geomancer & Land Healer, fully equipped to work with the land, work with the ancestors of the land and deeply heal the land. You will be ready to work with and heal geopathic stress and transform the lives and land of your clients, adding a magnitude of benefits to any existing services you might currently have.

How much can my potential earnings be as a Feng Shui Consultant?

It depends. Pricing and Packaging can vary but the average is $150-250 an hour. Consultations are between $750-1500 on average as it takes a few hours in general. When you invest in the Feng Shui Master Certification course, you can earn your money back in just a couple of consultations.

How much time do I need to dedicate?

This depends on what you can commit to. The content is spread out over 12 months with over 20 LIVE classes with Alex & Amanda. The course videos alone accumulate to 50 hours, with additional exercises, quizzes and case studies which take more time. This is why we feel it’s beneficial as a self-paced journey. If you can’t dedicate time each week to the course, you can definitely complete the course in 18 months, 24 months, or longer. The fact remains, you will have LIFETIME access to the course content so that even after completing the course and receiving your certification, you can come back and refresh any knowledge you need to. We’re here to support you and we know how busy life can get, there’s no pressure here, only compassion.

What Geomancy perspectives do you teach?

Due to the fact that the training contains both Amanda & Alex’s perspectives, knowledge and wisdom the course is potent in both the technical and spiritual aspects of Geomancy & Land Healing. The training will include rituals and traditions from both backgrounds but all the tools provided can be condensed to a pure toolkit of technical value, bringing balance and abundance to your clients, whether they prefer rituals or traditional dowsing forms.

Are there additional fees (books, materials, supplies, off-site training, etc.)?

All the material you will need is provided in the course, what you will need to purchase or make yourself is your dowsing tools. This can be as easy as sourcing these from a local, purchasing online or making your own through divine intuition and creativity. There are no specific rules to dowsing tools and we teach you everything you need to know in order to choose your dowsing tool wisely. 

The true treasure is you will have lifetime access to all class material, so if you ever need to refresh your knowledge, all the content and recorded classes are at your fingertips!

Will I receive support during/after the course?

We’re passionate about providing the necessary support for our alumni and students so they can share their newly learned wisdom and gifts.

The more land our alumni can bring into alignment, the closer we are to realizing our potential for world peace.

We provide 24/7 support through our online platform and will monitor and answer all of your questions around the clock.

Our Geomancy tribe regularly shares information and communicates with each other to answer questions, provide resources, and share success stories. We will pair you with another student, known as your “Soul Supporter,” throughout the course. The two of you will cheer each other on, may choose to study together, and share the journey of learning Geomancy & Land Healing. Students have created lifetime bonds through our courses.

Why should I enroll in a course when I can access Geomancy tips for free on YouTube, in books and everywhere else on the internet?

Beloved, there are some excellent Geomancy resources on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and a simple Google search.

However, many of the free resources only scrape the surface of Geomancy, and often they are laced with misinformation. These practices are multi-faceted with layers of depth that very few have the ability to condense. 

Having an understanding of grounding techniques, healing, and working with ancestors is meaningful. At a minimum, it will improve your life drastically as a connection to the earth is a magnetic force pulling you into abundance and inner joy. That being said, applying these techniques in a professional manner requires history, knowledge, and skill that cannot be cultivated by singular pieces of content.

This Geomancy course allows students to step into a virtual classroom filled with support to learn the history of Geomancy, dowsing techniques from beginner to advanced and ancient practices accumulated by centuries of traditions, shamans, and Geomancers.  It’s an opportunity to lean into your intuition and thrive in a balanced environment. 

This course is intentionally designed to enhance your ability as a lightworker, professional, and Land Healer to learn, live and breathe in connection to the earth. The immense value of the learning experience simply can’t be matched by the occasional free resource you may find elsewhere.

A New Earth awaits Beloved, one grounded by healing, cultivated by compassion, restored & nurtured through souls like you… are you ready?

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