Feng Shui for the Year of the Rabbit 2023

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Beloved, are you feeling restless with a desire to start fresh in the 2023 New Year?

This restless feeling is greatly due to the energy of the year shifting. If you feel bouts of imbalance, this is normal and there are remedies that can exponentially change your energetic frequency. 

2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit, and we will experience quite a few shifts in all aspects of our lives; especially since we’re moving from the fierce energy of the Tiger to the more delicate energy of the Rabbit. We’re entering a new season and you can prepare yourself to THRIVE in this new year, reducing anxiety, increasing joy & happiness and cultivating a welcoming environment. 

Feng Shui Diagram & Yin Yang
Woman Goddess seashore

Why invest the time?

  • Do you long for more productivity in 2023?
  • Are you looking for love or increased connection?
  • Do you desire a thriving new year?
  • Do you want to meet your goals?

In this class you will receive resources, guidance and a LIVE class delicately designed to improve your home and life. You will receive powerful Feng Shui & Astrology guidance to transform the energy in your environment, igniting your manifestations in 2023. You could unlock the mysteries and be fully prepared for the new year. 

Why not?

Your sacred journey begins

January 14th, 2023, 9 am – 2:30 pm PST.

9am Los Angeles / 12pm New York / 5pm Dublin / 6pm Paris


9 AM- 10 AM Questions to close the year and intention setting for 2023.

10 AM -11 AM Feng Shui elements & cycles, setting up your home with intention, and space clearing.  *suitable for all levels. Feng Shui Consultants do not have to join this section.

11 AM – 1 PM Flying Stars for the home to THRIVE in the new year.

1 PM – 2.30 PM Astrology and Bazi covering each Zodiac chart for 2023.

Beginners and Feng Shui Masters alike are welcome to join Feng Shui Year of the Rabbit 2023.


Wouldn’t it be magical to start the new year knowing what to expect in 2023 and setting yourself and your home up for success?

Year of the Tiger 2022 - Plan Your Future

Our Feng Shui for the Year of the Rabbit Class goes over everything you can expect in 2023. We review Feng Shui 2023 predictions for each aspect of your life: love, wealth, health, relationships, family, career, and more.

We also share with you all the Feng Shui cures and enhancements needed in each area of your home, as well as where to place Salt Water Cures, and all additional 2023 Feng Shui remedies for your home according to the Flying Stars. We also guide you on what areas to avoid remodeling or disturbing and what remedies might be needed here to offset any harsh energies.

Angie Mueller

Angie Mueller

The class was well put together, very informative, and easy to understand. Thank you so very much Amanda you are truly an amazing human being!

Patricia Sweeting

Patricia Sweeting

Amanda’s yearly Flying Stars class is a must to empower yourself for the upcoming year. The most important part for me is which guas on the property are available for gardening and/or construction. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Jennifer Stevens

Jennifer Stevens

I definitely made the right choice! She is an amazing teacher with so much knowledge and continues to support you long after the class is over.

Welcome Beloved

I’m Amanda!

You might have heard of me from a trusted source, a friend or family member, or perhaps you discovered my podcast, blogs, or other content. Whatever brought you here, I’m grateful that our paths have crossed. You’ve just entered a safe space. Wherever you are on your soul journey, you will not be judged here; you are accepted and embraced with love.

If you’re interested in living an abundant, successful, and balanced life, I have the best news for you. That’s what we do here! In this course, we go on a transformational soul journey so you can easily attract the life, love, and wealth you deserve. You have a birthright to abundance and I’ll be honored to take this journey with you.

To take this course you don’t need any experience in Feng Shui, nor have any particular spiritual beliefs. You will be fully supported and guided on how you can upgrade all areas of your life. 

My hope is you embark on the Year of the Rabbit 2023 with newfound hope and joy. I would consider it an honor to work with you through this class.


Love, Amanda

Amanda Sophia

As Seen In

What’s included in the course?

We’re happy you asked. This class and all the resources provided will guide you into a thriving, magical, and energetically balanced home and life in 2023.

For only $128, you get:

Live webinar with Feng Shui Predictions for 2023

Including step-by-step instructions of cures and enhancements for your home (recorded).

2023 e-Book: Feng Shui Forecast for the Year of the Rabbit

Workbook with 12 Months of Flying Stars

How to create affirmations to soar in 2023

Audio Download MP3 of what to expect in 2023

Financial, relationship, and health forecast based on the Chinese Horoscope for the 2023 Year of the Rabbit

This class, and the additional resources provided, will give you all the tools you need to create a home that you can thrive in for 2023.

 But wait! There’s more….

We’ve added the following bonuses just for YOU.


Bonus 1

Introduction to Divine Woman Awakening

Learn to be a Queen of your own life leading with sovereignty and love. We work through self-compassion, self-acceptance, and healing the womb from any past trauma while working with holistic tools to flow naturally with our menstrual cycles. During the autumn equinox, we prepare to receive the abundance of the new Celtic year by releasing the old and creating an inviting space within for the new. This is a time to process emotions, reflect and connect with the earth, Source, and your inner Goddess. Learn rituals, altar-building, and co-create with the monthly moon cycles. 

Woman standing in field
Woman Meditating

Bonus 2

Awakened Life, Awakened Home

Open up your intuition, connect with your inner magic and learn how to ground your energy. We dive into what Feng Shui is, how you can commit to yourself and your future and how our Feng Shui community functions. I’ll share my journey and exercises and meditations that you can work through to align with your Higher Self.

Bonus 3


Dive into the history of Geomancy, the philosophy, and the rationale behind it, and discover its spiritual aspects. Learning the land’s needs and how healing it in the past can guide us to an aligned future.

Woodlands sunshine Geomancy

Meet our guest speaker…

Alexandra Berthault is our Goddess guest speaker who will guide us through the zodiac predictions for the new year!


Alexandra Berthault, DipNut, N.D. (Nutrition), MVHF (Crystal and Energy Healing), Feng Shui consultant (Gold Level IFSG Certified), member of the Feng Shui Society

Alexandra is an accredited Feng Shui Consultant. In her practice, she also uses Astrology, Space Clearing, and Health Coaching. Alongside her consultations, she has been a qualified Crystal Healer with over 15 years of experience.

With her first career in finance, she has constantly evolved, specializing, and practicing particularly in the fields of Feng Shui and Crystal Healing. Alexandra trained at the International Feng Shui School and is now a Gold Level certified and professionally qualified consultant in Classical and Form Feng Shui.

In 2016, Alexandra moved back to London and joined the Feng Shui Society; she continued to develop her practice by training in Land Healing with famous instructors Amanda Sophia and Alex Stark. Further, she embarked on studying Chinese Astrology which she has fully incorporated in her Feng Shui practice.

In 2022, she set up the V&A International Metaphysics School with her Feng Shui partner Victoria Michaelides, offering wonderful Feng Shui Courses.

Sarah Wergin

Sarah Wergin

I look forward to Amanda’s New Year class every year, her knowledge, wisdom, and loving presence is a gift. I recommend every course she teaches, she is a light in the world.

Melanie Mondini

Melanie Mondini

Truly transformative and highly recommended to all who love their homes and wish to bring FS into their lives and the lives of others. 

Sheena Gallagher

Sheena Gallagher

I love the yearly Feng Shui class. It helps me get grounded, focused, and ready for the year ahead and how to align with the coming flying star energy. 10/10

Unlocking Abundance Through Feng Shui

Beloved, you can unlock abundance in your personal life. You are called to become the best version of yourself, releasing the chains of the past and opening up your life to prosperity and abundance.

I teach a powerful and holistic blend of classical and intentional Feng Shui. The focus is on intentionally creating a space that supports you in all areas of your life. In this journey, the inner work comes first and then the changes in the environment attract further success.

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

In Feng Shui we fix what is broken around the home, poor maintenance can lead to finances lacking and blockages in abundance. From there we remedy any blocks and allow abundance and wealth to flow freely into our lives.


Physical Well-being and Healing

Using your Feng Shui element based on your birthday, determine how to position furniture to allow energy to circulate in an ideal way. This allows your body to heal and adapt as your energy shifts. It increases the happy hormones and your physical well-being will benefit from the positive energy flow.

Supported Sleep

Supported Sleep

The bedroom is intended solely for sleep and intimacy. When we remove all the other distractions like heavy fire elements, electronics and family portraits, then rest and relaxation is fully supported and enjoyed.

Mental Clarity

Enhances Mental Clarity

Disorganization blocks the flow of energy. When your home is cluttered, your mind is cluttered. Let go of what no longer serves you, bring in more of what brings you joy and you’ll find mental and emotional clarity.

Healthy Relationships

Relationships and Deeper Connections

In Feng Shui, we use remedies and rituals to attract the love we deserve, often within ourselves and then in our partnerships/marriages/relationships. If you’re single, then Feng Shui will help you find the person you’ve wanted to attract and cultivate the self-love you’ve deserved all along.

Clear negative energies

Removes Negative Energy

We employ rituals of sound, smudging, dowsing, chanting, breathing, and other ancient tools. Learn to cleanse energy, bless present-day objects, and claim the space for your highest unfolding. This will help you clean your home from any old, stagnant or dead energy from past tenants/owners/roommates.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

With Feng Shui you can increase productivity in the workplace, office or remote working space through small shifts of furniture, space and remedies. You will fall into the flow of your work while adapting healthy boundaries in your energy field.


Career advancement

Career Advancements

When working with the 9 areas of the Bagua Map, we work with the energy of our career and implement remedies that enhances our advancement in the workplace, or helps us focus on the goals and intentions we’ve set.


Increased Fertility

Increased Fertility

Yes! Not only does Feng Shui bring couples closer, but with the right remedies and energy shifts in the bedroom, kitchen and front door area it can also increase fertility and deepen intimacy.


I’m ready for a thriving & abundant 2023

What is Feng Shui?

Quantum physics proves that everything is made of energy. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form that helps us balance the energy in our homes and lives. In Feng Shui, we shift our lives with sacred practices and scientific remedies. We design dwellings to uplift how we feel. In turn, the energy flow leads to our happiest, most fulfilling life.

Feng Shui is designed to create positive change in your relationships, career, finances, and health. We believe it’s also a path to self-awareness and transformation.

Feng Shui can assist you and your clients in accessing wealth and abundance, activating health benefits and eliminating illnesses, deepening connections in relationships, supporting positive family dynamics, creating balanced work and home life environments, and releasing stress and healing past traumas.

What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui and Energy

Why does Feng Shui work?

We spend more than 80% of our time indoors, and over the last few years, that might have increased for many of us. Our home has a vital role in how we feel, and how our mood and bodies respond to stress, emotions, and illness.

Have you ever come home and felt your energy drop?

Motivation is greatly affected by the environment that you’re constantly in. Now, the way I love to describe Feng Shui to people is that it feels like an energetic hug the moment you enter a space.

Our homes should bring us peace, balance, health, and wealth.

Feng Shui is an open invitation to bring those invaluable assets into our lives and homes. Feng Shui transformed my life more than twenty years ago, and continuously pressing into the practice has brought my spirit, home, health, and business into harmony.

year of the rabbit

What is the significance of the Year of the Rabbit?

The Year of the Rabbit celebrates the Rabbit in the zodiac, which is the 4th animal in the zodiac. The Rabbit represents the moon, Yin energy, which is the Divine Feminine, in it’s softness, gentleness and caring nature. This year’s intention is truly to be gentle with yourself, going inward, practicing kindness, gentleness and regrounding your energy. Further, the Rabbit symbolizes mercy, elegance and beauty. Although the Rabbit may appear soft and weak, in truth it’s confidence and strength is admirable. The Rabbit moves steadily toward its goals regardless of what adversity it may be facing. This is a beautiful way of looking at the new adventures, magical opportunities and challenges you may face in 2023, to harness the power of the Rabbit by confidently reaching your goals and manifesting the life you’ve always wanted.

If you want to learn more about the Rabbit, this class is for you and a supportive embrace is waiting for you, Beloved, all you need to do is register.


rabbit icon

How will this class benefit me?

Don’t step into 2023 with the same mindset, with the same negative cycles, and the same energy!  You deserve to enter 2023 with abundance, authenticity, and balance. This is your year to shine your light brighter than ever. This class will guide you through the preparations, remedies, and cures that will propel your 2023 to be a year of growth and harmony. You’ll receive resources before the LIVE class, and you’ll be able to lay the foundations in your home for an optimized energetic flow throughout the entire year.

rabbit icon


What if I can’t make the live session?

We understand life gets busy, and you may not be able to attend the live session. We will record the session for you to enjoy later if you are unable to join us live.

Live Class: January 14th 2023 9 AM – 2:30 PM PST

You will get access to the class materials a day before the webinar. 

What are the key takeaways for The Feng Shui Year of the Rabbit Class?

Join our live class to receive:

  • How to enhance your home according to the Year of the Rabbit
  • Feng Shui predictions for the 2023 Year of the Rabbit
  • Feng Shui remedies & cures for an optimized 2023
  • Feng Shui Flying Stars for 2023

Amazing value

Single Payment


Brooke Reisigl

Brooke Reisiglm

After spending an extensive amount of time researching & comparing Feng Shui courses I decided on the International Feng Shui School. Amanda’s ability to share her wisdom, knowledge, & love is divine. I feel confident with the knowledge, experience, & community I now have. I am very pleased with my choice of school.

Gaylene Collins

Gaylene Collins

This class was beyond my expectations. It just brought joy to my heart to know that I can go out into the world and make a positive difference.

Kathleen Keelan

Kathleen Keelan

It was fascinating to discover the blend of science and intuition that goes into Feng Shui and Amanda is the very best person to learn from.

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