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Rejuvenation & Reconnection

Are you ready to escape to the serene and breathtaking California Desert for our Geomancy & Land Healing Retreat?

 Join Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark as they guide you through ancient land healing and geomancy practices, while you stargaze and marvel at meteorites. Learn how to cultivate a deep connection with the earth and become an agent of positive change for the land. 

Are you ready for a Soul Awakening under the Stars?

We’re back at it!

After years of anticipation, the moment has finally arrived! We are ecstatic to announce the long-awaited return of in-person retreats and training sessions. The outpouring of kind and loving words from our students has warmed our hearts, making this reunion even more special.

For Amanda, this marks a significant milestone as she prepares for her first return to America in over seven years. The excitement is palpable as we embark on this incredible journey together.

The time has come to embrace the joy of being together once again. Let’s make this retreat an extraordinary celebration of community and learning. Get ready to dive into a world of possibilities and rediscover the power of the land. The wait is over, and the adventure begins now!



Amanda Sophia & Alex Stark
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When & Where?

Borrego Spring Resort
Borrego Springs, California, USA.

November 3rd, 3PM – November 5th, 5PM 2023

    Immerse yourself in the magic of  the desert

    Come Join us, Beloved!

    Are you ready for our retreat in the breathtaking California desert?

    This is a space where you can connect with the earth, awaken your inner magic, and learn to cultivate your skills as a geomancer. Our retreat is designed for anyone who wants to experience the power of the earth and learn how to work with the collective consciousness to heal and transform the land and her people.

    During our retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that will help you deepen your connection to the earth and hone your skills as a land healer. We’ll be exploring the desert landscape, visiting powerful sites, and learning how to use dowsing techniques to tap into the energy of the earth. Alex and Amanda will guide you through a variety of exercises, meditations, and ancient practices designed to awaken your inner magic and develop your intuition. This retreat is for both experienced Geomancers and for curious souls who feel called to work with the land.

    This is a space where you can connect with other earth healers from around the world and work together to create a powerful healing energy that will radiate out into the world. You’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences, learn from others, and develop a deep sense of community with like-minded individuals.

    Join us for an unforgettable experience that will transform your life and help you become a more powerful land healer and Geomancer.

    What is included in the price?

    • Transportation to powerful sites during the retreat
    • Training, support & resources
    • Meals during retreat hours
    • Hotel room

    What is excluded from the price?

    • Travel costs, flight tickets, and transportation costs to and from the hotel.
    • Dinner on Sunday as the retreat ends around 5 pm.
    • Any spa treatments, extra hotel services, or additional charges accrued during your stay.
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    Secure your spot today!

    There are LIMITED SLOTS available, please keep this in mind when booking.
    If you would like to reserve your spot then you can pay the deposit today, and the remaining amount before September 2023


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    Breakdown of retreat coming soon…


    We will send out emails with more information about each aspect of the retreat, and before November we will have a zoom meeting for the community to meet each other, to ask questions and share excitement!

    Karen Goldstein

     The retreat had several life-altering experiences, guiding us and encouraging healing as we literally released the old and embraced the new.

    There are no words for the experience that we shared. It was so worth the investment, the time commitment, and the travel… it all lead up to an insightful adventure that far exceeded all my expectations, most of all the investment in myself… without a doubt, not one of us left there the same person that had arrived.

     Karen Goldstein

    What is Geomancy?

    Quantum physics proves that everything is made of energy and, for centuries, the Earth has been studied from all angles. We now know that ley lines, geopathic stress, underwater streams, mineral deposits, and many other energetic aspects make up and impact the land we live on, which directly affects other aspects of our environment.
    Geomancy is a natural science that integrates aspects such as geophysics, astrology, meteorology, ecology, hydrogeology, environmental landscape science, and architecture, all to improve the vibrational frequency of the land. Through Geomancy, we learn how to identify, locate, and heal natural or man-made issues that are negatively affecting the land and those inhabiting it. These wounds of the land can come from past traumas and geopathic stress and can be buried deep inside the energetic lines of the land from past, ancestral traumas, such as war, distress and environmental imbalance.

    Landscape geomancy
    What is dowsing Geomancy & Land Healing course

    What is Dowsing?

    Dowsing has been practiced throughout history, it is visible in cave paintings, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and ancient Chinese etchings, and one thing has always remained consistent: dowsing has been used to find the hidden and bring it to light.
    ‘Geomancy’ means ‘divination of the earth’, and, through dowsing, we use tools that connect two things: location and divination. We use these tools to find things like underground water sources, evidence of mining, energy lines, or geopathic stress, and once discovered, we learn the reasoning behind what we’ve found.

    Dowsing tools can vary depending on the user, the type of divination, and personal preference. These tools can be bought, but they can also be made from anything that the Dowser resonates with. The most common tools are L-shaped metal rods, pendulums, and Y-shaped sticks – as long as the device is held correctly and is able to shift direction upon detection or discovery, it can be utilized.

    But wait, there’s more!

    Did you know…

    We’ve also included a FREE mini-course for you to prepare?

    We’re excited to offer you a complimentary mini-course that shares the foundational concepts of this ancient art. This mini-course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive introduction to Geomancy, covering topics such as dowsing, geopathic stress, and inner healing through the land. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this mini-course is a great way to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Geomancy and Land Healing.

    Geomancy crystal in gold circle

    Inner Healing is just a few clicks away!


    Earth Alchemy Meditations

    Earth Alchemy Meditations

    Guided meditations to connect with the land, heal the ancestral lineage, heal yourself and the land with earth alchemy. These are powerful meditations that align with the course material and can further be used as a daily practice to connect with Spirit, Gaia, and your higher self.

    The History of Geomancy Stonehenge Under Dark Clouds<br />

    The History of Geomancy

    We will discuss the history of Geomancy, its uses, and its application in modern life. Learn where Geomancy originated, who used these practices, and which ancient buildings and sacred sites were built on the foundation of earth alignment.

    <br />
Earth Magic & Earth Dragons

    Earth Magic & Earth Dragons

    Learn about Earth magic, and how to work with the energetic lines at sacred sites. We’ll walk you through the meaning of the Earth Dragons, how to recognize the shapes worldwide, and what they mean.

    Bent Trees Geopathic Stress

    Geopathic Stress

    Go deeper into learning one of the most common issues found within the land: Geopathic Stress. Learn what causes it, what effects it can have on the land and occupants, and how to correct it in order to welcome abundance and healing to the land.

    Dowsing rods The basics of dowsing

    The basics of dowsing

    Go out into the field and start testing your new skills, using Geomancy tools such as L-rods and pendulums, or maybe even hazel twigs. Learn how to be safe while dowsing and how to walk the land and interpret results.

    Amanda Sophia and Alex Stark

    Closing the Space with Support

    We wrap everything up with support, recommendations, and suggestions on how to put this mini-course into your daily practices and what your next steps could be in the Geomancy & Land Healing world.

    What do I need to start?

    Beloved, all you need to do is register. Everything is laid out for you in a step-by-step guide with no expectations!

    Why should I use these tips and tricks?

    Because you CAN! You can start today, there is no waiting period and no specific time frame. You don’t need ANY Geomancy or Land Healing experience or knowledge to unlock these life-changing benefits!

    Why not live a life where you aren’t stuck in survival mode, but instead you’re thriving and connected to the land in a profound way, as you’ve always longed for?

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    Beloved, you are worthy of healing, transformation, and magic!

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