What is Feng Shui?


Beloved, are you…

Feeling stuck?

Feeling unfulfilled?

Having trouble at work?

Having consistent relationship issues?

Ready to bring in more prosperity?

Ready to bring in love?

Ready to be motivated and energized?

Ready to live a life you truly love?

What is Feng Shui and how does it work?
Your feelings, body pains, and daily experiences are, in one way or another, showing up in your home.

As a Master of Feng Shui

I see many of the people I work with daily, as well as students that take my Feng Shui classes online, are feeling one or more of the items mentioned above. Once you understand that your external environment is an outward reflection of what you’re feeling internally, you suddenly have this amazing opportunity to look at your life from a different perspective and take action! This is why Feng Shui is important.

As a Master of Feng Shui and online Feng Shui Consultant, I’ve seen these transformations happen in people’s lives time and time again for over 20 years.

We can heal and transform our lives by knowing what we deserve and by realizing that we can shift our home to truly represent that which we want.
International Feng Shui School with Amanda Sophia

The Basics of Feng Shui

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In the basics of Feng Shui, you learn the need to create balance. Feng Shui is always reminding us to come back into balance and to live in harmony in all possible ways.

Have you ever walked into space and just felt at ease and peaceful? No matter what’s going on in the world out there, you just know everything is OK as soon as you walk into space with good Feng Shui. 

We have the ability to create a sacred, beautiful, nurturing space for ourselves.

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Let’s Define Feng Shui

You may be familiar with the terms “Yin” and “Yang”. These are basics in Chinese Feng Shui principles that describe the ever-changing nature of everything. Yin and Yang remind us to balance feminine and masculine, light and dark, action and rest, it reminds us to balance our home and lives. 

This delicate dance between Yin and Yang is in constant movement and it is up to us to tune in and listen so our life doesn’t go out of balance. Feng Shui and the Yin and Yang principles are constant reminders of the importance of balance in everything we do.  

The history of Feng Shui teaches that your home is a reflection of your emotions and internal feelings displayed in the physical environment that surrounds you. When you’ve had a hectic day or week, chances are that part of your home is reflecting this. Maybe you’ll see it reflected in piles of laundry, accumulation of dirty dishes, or a stack of unopened mail. When you take some time to organize your home and take care of pending tasks, you feel refreshed, energized, and ready to take on other things that you’ve been postponing. This balance comes when you have curated a Feng Shui home.

Yin and Yang remind us to balance feminine and masculine, light and dark, action and rest, it reminds us to balance our home and lives.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui Your Home

Feng Shui Basics

Who am I now and what do I want my present experience to be like on a spiritual, emotional, and mental level?

Listen to Podcast 82: Acupuncture for your environment

with Najah Abdus-Salaam

Download or listen to the podcast episode right here.

In Feng Shui, we see the home as the microcosmos of the macrocosmos; a smaller-scale representation of the external world. Many aspects of the home will tell us a lot about what is going on in our lives and thus we can use our home to effect the desired changes we want in our life.

Feng Shui Online Training

Our Feng Shui Your Life training goes into detail about all the different ways your home tells your story and how you can use it as a tool to transform your life.

Feng Shui can be overlaid on so many different levels of our life, including Feng Shui decorating and even Feng Shui to attract love. The energy from the shape and layout of the room, the shape and placement of the home, the lot where the home is built on, the neighborhood we live in, out to even the city and country. When you see it this way, you realize that we can work Feng Shui from the outside in and the inside out. 

The more you study and apply Feng Shui principles in your life, the more you realize that it is all about being able to identify the areas that are out of balance so you can bring them back to a state of harmony.

Intentional Feng Shui allows you to be fully present and let go of the past. By decluttering each area of your home and truly paying attention to what your home story is saying, not only are you making space for NEW to come into your life and home, but also into your mind and heart? This allows you to move forward.

Membership & Community - Inner Circle of Feng Shui

Utilize Feng Shui decorating in your home and use the space as a large vision board to create and attract anything you wish to manifest in your life. Join our Inner Circle of Feng Shui membership to learn all about this.

Listen to Podcast 86: How to promote health and wellness with Feng Shui

Download or listen to the podcast episode right here.

Why Feng Shui?

You want your home to be a reflection of all that inspires you. It’s about only having what you truly and deeply love, need, and use. It’s about consciously creating an inviting space for yourself, where you are the top priority. 

It’s all about consciously creating the space for the life you want to live. It’s about creating a home that invites you to rise up and constantly be inspired. A Feng Shui home embraces all that makes you happy and joyful. 

Feng Shui, like everything else in our lives, is ever-changing. We must therefore make sure to continuously re-visit our spaces and make sure they are fully aligned with what we’re wanting to bring into our lives at that particular moment

Let your home inspire you
As seasons change and as we evolve, our home must do so too.

Listen to Podcast 89: My Number 1 Daily Grounding Practice

with Guided Meditation

Download or listen to the podcast episode right here.

Feng Shui allows you to be in the present and live a life you truly love.

Transform Your Life with Feng Shui

Our life is in constant change and it is up to us to make sure our homes are supporting all those changes and helping us achieve all that we wish to bring into our life. Most importantly, Feng Shui allows you to be in the present and live a life you truly love.

When you start to apply Feng Shui to your life you start to learn how powerful it can be and you’ll want to share it with friends, family and even the world. This is where the Feng Shui Master Certification comes in as it teaches you the A-Z of Feng Shui and how to start a rewarding career you’ll love. You will deepen your understanding of these timeless teachings and become a guide for others. Start your own practice or integrate Feng Shui into your field of work. Share your light with the world!

We at the International Feng Shui School know the power of Feng Shui, however, we also understand the importance of working with the land. This is where the Land Clearing and Geomancy Certification comes in.

Feng Shui and Bringing the Earth Into Balance

When energy or chi can’t flow through the land, or when there is something built over certain energetic lines, it can cause issues with the land itself, but it can also impact those dwelling there in various areas:

Health issues

Relationship tension

Work stagnation

Financial lack

Identifying these issues and correcting them is like acupuncture for the land.

We use ancient rituals, blessings, and offerings as a way of honoring the land and protecting it.In return, the land protects and blesses us.

Discover and learn these simple yet powerful rituals and blessings for new land purchase, the start of construction, moving-in, moving-out, and more.

Online Geomancy

The Earth is Alive!

Can Feng Shui change your life?

Feng Shui can absolutely change your life, beloved.

Embark on a journey to create a life of balance and holistic living for yourself and those you wish to serve.

Want to deepen your knowledge of Feng Shui?

Feng Shui School

Feng Shui Your Life

Take our Feng Shui Your Life training and learn how to apply classical Feng Shui to your living and working spaces. This is the foundation for all we teach at the International Feng Shui School, and a prerequisite to earning your Certification.

The Feng Shui Your Life course runs four weeks with live classes taught by Amanda. You’ll have lifetime access to the curriculum so you can complete it at your own pace.

Most importantly, you’ll make connections between your inner and outer spaces. You’ll tap into your internal energy and choose what lights you up.

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