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Greece Retreat Reflections

“Knowing the rich and transcendent containers Amanda is blessed to be able to hold for her group retreats, the historical jewels of Greece presented an opportunity not to be missed. The strength of Amanda’s devotion to the energies of the unseen, she’s able to open sacred consciousness and individualized healing and expansion is a collective result. Each session is built on the last.

Erin O’Rourke

Take a look at some of our Highlights…

Day 1

We met our beautiful Goddesses at the hotel, settled ourselves in our exquisite rooms, and shared sacred space in circle together. We connected beautifully between the delicious meals and views, and it’s amazing how coming together in a space with like-minded people can make you laugh, cry, and feel like coming home to your soul family.

We’re so excited for the continuation of this retreat, of the connection between ancient wisdom and modern ritual. So blessed to have this group of Goddesses, mothers, daughters, aunts, guides, lightworkers, and medicine women in Athens, making the magic come alive!

Day 2

We had such a powerful time in circle with our powerful Goddesses! The amount of beauty in Greece is astounding, from the potent energy coursing through our bodies, to the environment flourishing with beauty.

While we visited the Delphi archaeological site, each Goddess’ experience started unfolding in the most intimate and personal way. Followed with an amazing time to do healing and standing in for each other during that time.

It has been such a profound experience to see women coming together, healing, and supporting each other, not only through the inner work but also through the life experience we share.

Day 3

This was a journey, deep into the underworld, the womb, into the anima mundi (soul of the earth). We went to the Cave of Pan: Davelis Cave on Mount Penteli which holds transcending powers, with tunnels that lead out to different parts of Athens. It also leads to the beautiful Vouliagmeni Lake which is known for paranormal activity. We went into this cave to transcend, to release, alchemize, and let ourselves be free and wild. We connected with our own soul, the soul of the earth, and our soul star. 

We left pain and trauma from past lifetimes behind, from this lifetime, and from the lifetimes of our ancestors.
We transcended these traumas, buried them in the cave, and danced naked together in both healing and celebration!

Day 4

We visited the sacred sites of the Acropolis, where the high priestesses, the women who held history together, once stood. Here, we performed our crowning ceremony for our queens, enabling them to step into their full dominion and power. We released what no longer served us, embraced our truth, and claimed what is rightfully ours.

Each woman fully embodied her inner divine queen. We symbolically put down the sword and replaced it with a rose, which we brought to our wombs, hearts, minds, and souls.

We merged our inner divine masculine and divine feminine energies. Then, we sat on the Priestess’ throne, danced, celebrated each other, and concluded the day with a flight to Santorini.

Day 5

Our adventure in Santorini took us to the dormant volcano and hot springs, exploring everything in our own private boat. We delved into our inner work, connecting with the dragon realm, channeling light codes, and activating Atlantis codes. We invoked the energies of the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

We held a powerful ceremony on the boat and swam in the sea, purifying and cleansing ourselves. It was a profound experience of community, with the women showing up for each other, and offering incredible support.

Witnessing their expansion and growth during this was truly beautiful. This retreat not only brought us closer together, but it also shows that no matter where you are from in the world, or what your path may be, in circle, we are one. In sisterhood, we are stronger than ever before.

Aine Atara

Part of my Healing through all of Amanda‘s programs is not only my energetic healing but my physical healing. If anyone is on the fence about whether they should or shouldn’t go to one of Amanda’s retreats, I suggest they leap over the fence! Your life will change!

I highly recommend Amanda‘s retreats to anyone and everyone. This was my third one and it has been my experience that whether you are completely new to this experience or a seasoned veteran, Amanda can always meet you where you are at!

Robin Berning

Take a look at some of our Memories…

About the Greece Retreat

My inner vision, the core of my soul, and my heartstrings were all drawn to Greece. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with the Mary-Michael line, a remarkable connection of seven sacred sites stretching from Ireland to Israel, forming an immensely powerful energetic line. Among these sites, Greece stands out as a space of deep remembrance, alchemical transformations, and ascension energies. This sacred land serves as a powerful portal, activating a series of Stargates. It is a place where you can release the shackles of the past and embrace a journey into your truest, most beautiful self.

This is why our retreat to Greece was so important. Taking these women to such a profoundly transformative and energetically charged place was essential for their spiritual growth and healing. It provided them with the opportunity to connect deeply with the land, experience powerful energetic shifts, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and ascension.

Aine Atara

I recommend this retreat if you are ready to embark upon an initiation to unlock greater transformation and soulful retrieval of your highest self and step into another portal of being. I enjoyed the totality of togetherness as shared throughout with openness and communion by the sacredness of such beautiful and Divinely held sisterhood.”

Angela Morris

Are you listening to your heart’s call?

These retreats are next-level ascension environments that are cultivated to ensure that you are held within a sacred container to practice, heal, thrive, and serve your community. Understand that with each of these retreats we work through a great amount of past pain, from ancestral pain to inner circle trauma, we feel these emotions, process them, and then ascend these traumas. We can grow, expand, and transcend these energies through the deep connection with the land, Mother Earth, Mother Arch, and Source. This is not the vision of a spiritual bypass, it is the transcension of trauma. Through the process of acceptance, healing, and ascension, we are creating new paradigms.

This new level of consciousness never shrinks; it only expands, acting as a portal or gateway that opens up our journey through the dimensions.

If you feel you’re ready for this expansion, and extension of your consciousness into infinite realms, to feel empowered beyond the meaning and enveloped in unconditional love, then these are the retreats for you!

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