Glendalough Summer soltice
Dragon Energy Loughcrew

Glendalough Retreat Reflections

Rebirth in Summer Solstice One Day Retreat


“Transformative, empowering. strengthening, sacred, safe…”

These were the words most frequently used to describe our one-day retreat in the magical valley of Glendalough. In just one day, we transcended time and space, experiencing a profound journey that felt like several days’ worth of retreat.

The day was filled with moments of celebration, tears, laughter, and deep connection to the magical realms. Despite the fullness of our schedule, nothing felt rushed. Everything unfolded naturally and organically, creating a seamless flow of transformative experiences.

We walked a path of healing, particularly ancestral healing, in a setting that was vibrant and alive. The sight of deer close to our windows added to the divine union, reminding us of our connection to nature and the land.

We began the day with dance, chanting, and meditation, setting a powerful tone for our journey. Walking to the sundial, we channeled suncodes and tapped into ancestral wisdom. Our work with the energy lines at the meeting of the lake and waterfall deepened our connection to the earth. Lunchtime by the waterfall was a sacred pause, allowing the valley’s embrace to hold us. We received beautiful solar codes, enriching our souls with the valley’s ancient energy.

Our journey continued to the waterfall, where we danced and drummed among quartz crystal rocks and moss-covered trees. We reclaimed, remembered, and released, each participant experiencing rebirth and reclaiming surrounded by infinite support from guides, ancestors, gods and goddesses, the dragon realm, the land, the elementals, and the higher council.

As we returned to the indoor space, everyone wrapped up in blankets for a comforting conclusion. Paul and I provided a full sound bath and sound healing session, enveloping everyone in soothing vibrations. We concluded our retreat with a series of activations, closing the sacred space with a sense of completion and profound transformation.

Take a look at some of our Memories…

“I am full of gratitude for the Glendalough retreat, it was absolutely amazing, it is a blessing to have crossed your path as I have benefited so much from your love, wisdom, and your immense knowledge that you share with us!”


“Thank you Amanda for the most amazing, fun-filled, special day.
We were on such a high after the day. The sisterhood is such a blessing and you are our guiding light”

Katherine Mc Mahon

Glendalough Summer soltice

Glendalough Retreat highlights…

Work with the Ancients
The Bone Women, our Ancestors, the Medicine women, the women who had carried us, birthed us, and guided us, called us to the hilltop and mountains for cosmic healing. They had guidance to share and wisdom for us to nurture deep within us.

Solar Energies
We tapped into the divinity and celestial connection of Solar Energy, worked with Sun Codes, and aligned with the sun, earth, and cosmos. This was a powerful practice as we brought light codes down for the new earth and embodied this energy throughout our collective journey.

Sacred Ceremonies
We held sacred ceremonies and initiations on the site itself, and worked with transmissions and activations. We worked with the Goddesses and Archetypes who guided us on this land. These ceremonies prepared us to continue this further in our individual and collective journeys.

Meet Amanda…

As an ordained Celtic Priestess, Amanda carries a deep devotion to the Divine, allowing her to love fiercely and serve as a mother to her two children, her community, and her beloved students. Amanda has embraced the guidance of Priestesses from various traditions worldwide. Through her studies, she has woven together diverse strands of spirituality into a harmonious tapestry.

Amanda leads ceremonial rites of passage within her local community, awakening intuitive gifts and helping her students heal and thrive. Her passion is guiding people back home to themselves, their ancestors, and their sacred lands, and unlocking their inner magic. Amanda’s work encompasses various aspects, including womb healing, Celtic Paganism, and Druid practices. She works intimately with the Goddesses and with the powerful dragon and serpent energies. Her work is considered mystical, spiritual, and practical to apply in the modern day.

Amanda honors everyone in their journey and welcomes them to embrace healing and to come home to themselves for the ultimate unique transformation rooted in their birthright


Amanda Sophia at Loughcrew

Are you listening to your heart’s call?

These retreats are next-level ascension environments that are cultivated to ensure that you are held within a sacred container to practice, heal, thrive, and serve your community. Understand that with each of these retreats we work through a great amount of past pain, from ancestral pain to inner circle trauma, we feel these emotions, process them, and then ascend these traumas. We can grow, expand, and transcend these energies through the deep connection with the land, Mother Earth, Mother Arc, and Source. This is not the vision of a spiritual bypass, it is the transcension of trauma. Through the process of acceptance, healing, and ascension, we are creating new paradigms.

This new level of consciousness never shrinks; it only expands, acting as a portal or gateway that opens up our journey through the dimensions.

If you feel you’re ready for this expansion, and extension of your consciousness into infinite realms, to feel empowered beyond the meaning and enveloped in unconditional love, then these are the retreats for you!

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