In our vibrant Feng Shui Community, we embrace the concept of a “soul-supporter” – a term that embodies the essence of genuine accountability and mutual growth among individuals who share a common passion for supporting one another on their journey of Feng Shui.

You have the opportunity to be paired with an accountability partner, your dedicated soul-supporter. This person becomes your steadfast ally, offering not just support but also valuable insights and perspectives. Together, you will embark on a journey of mutual encouragement and personal development, fostering a unique bond that transcends the confines of a traditional learning environment.

Creating and holding space for each other is at the heart of this partnership. Through carefully curated exercises, you and your soul-supporter will collaborate, unlocking the power of teamwork and shared experiences. These exercises are designed not just to enhance your understanding of Feng Shui but also to strengthen your ability to work together effectively.

We understand that the idea of a soul-supporter might feel overwhelming to some, yet for others, it serves as a tool of accountability, ensuring consistent progress in your Feng Shui journey. The choice to engage with a soul-supporter is entirely yours, tailored to your preferences and comfort level. Whether you prefer the guidance of a partner by your side or the independent path, we are here to honor and support your individual learning style. Embrace this opportunity as a means to connect, grow, and flourish within our nurturing Feng Shui Family.

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