Your home is inside of you, beloved

When you truly embody this truth, you can be anywhere and with anyone and still feel at home.
I am dedicated to helping each of us create a sacred, loving, and nurturing home—as long as we also realize that our true home is inside of us. When we do this, we feel at home wherever we are in the world

When you truly know your home is inside of you, you do not run around looking for approval. You have a deep sense of belonging within your own soul, your home, and in the world

Knowing that your home is inside of you, you express your true authentic self and do not compare yourself to others.

When we do not truly feel at home inside ourselves we find it challenging to feel centered, grounded and at home anywhere. Instead you may compare yourself to others, need constant validation, feel anxious, or project your insecurity on to others.

Craving to feel securely at home inside yourself, you may try to achieve that feeling with drugs, alcohol, social media, obsessive shopping, overwork or oher addictive behaviors.You may not listen to the signals from your body that you need rest.


When you do accept and love yourself enough to acknowledge that your home is inside you, the benefits are amazing.

You trust your intuitions, make good decisions, feel more connected to all that is, to every living person, animal and plant. You feel integrated rather than scattered. You honor and listen to your body so that you eat nourishing food, exercise when you need to, and rest when you need to. Your relationships improve because you are not projecting or looking for someone else to make you feel at home within yourself.

How-To: A Daily Practice

Only practice will bring you to the place of self-love and trust that allows you to really own all aspects of yourself—the light and the dark alike.

You might pause each day and listen to your inner voice, commune with your deeper self through meditation, take deep meaningful breaths to connect with your body.
Spending time in nature will help you feel connected to the earth, the home for your body and soul. Feel your feet on the earth, your spine rising toward the sky, and be present with all that is around you—people, animals and plants.

Look at yourself in a mirror, try to see not just your beautiful physical self, but look into your eyes, the window to your soul, and say, “I love you.” Once you have made that connection, always speak to yourself as gently and lovingly as you would to your own child.

Your home is inside of you, beloved
Other practices that can bring you closer to the realization that home is inside you include:
  • Allowing yourself to play
  • Making time for self-care
  • Keeping clear boundaries
  • Showing your vulnerability
  • Asking for help when you need it
  • Finding your community or “tribe”
  • Being yourself in all circumstances
  • Letting go of socially conditioned beliefs
  • Forgiving yourself for your imperfections
  • Learning to love being alone
  • Integrating your dualities: masculine & feminine; dark & light; yin & yang
  • Speaking your truth no matter the cost
  • Standing your ground
By steadily concentrating on these practices, you will gradually begin to feel and to embody the truth of the statement: “Your home is inside you, beloved.” When you do that, you will always feel at home, whether you are actually in your own home, or no matter where else you find yourself in the world.

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift.

Love, Amanda

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