Understanding Classical Feng Shui

Beloved, Feng Shui is a beautiful practice that helps us to cultivate harmony in our everyday lives. Your home has a “life”, and an energy of its own. In classical Feng Shui, we read that the house’s destiny begins from the year the building was constructed. We look at the date the roof first covers the building to the moment the sun shines through the window of the completed structure. This moment is considered the birth of a home. Just as astrologers cast a chart from the moment a person takes that first breath, Feng Shui practitioners do the same for buildings. So a classical Feng Shui analysis begins with the “birth date” or simply the year the home was completed.

Understanding How a Home’s Age Affects its Energy

During a Feng Shui practitioner training I held in Dublin, this issue of determining the age of an Irish home often proved challenging. In America, most houses were constructed within the last few decades; however, many homes are several hundred years old in Ireland. Due to the age of these homes, many have been changed from their original purpose. 

A church or town hall, for instance, might have become a residence; or a one-room cottage may have been remodeled as a large modern house. When a building is repurposed, this can also change the energy of the home. Old homes may have many additions to convert them from cottage to family homes to accommodate growing families or the modern lifestyle. One beautiful house I saw had even transformed the old animal pens into bedrooms. 

The Shape of a Home

Did you know changes to the floor plan of a home can change its “birth” energy? It is best when the house retains its original shape since these shifting energies can make a proper Feng Shui consultation difficult, though not impossible. In Feng Shui, the best form for a home is a perfect square; otherwise, we can have missing areas when dividing up the house in the nine sections of the Bagua. An odd-shaped home may be missing the best places for wealth, love, or health. 

Similarly, when the roof has been removed during a remodel, the floor is exposed to sunlight and the birth cycle’s energy changes. Also, if the addition is larger than the old home, it overpowers the original home’s energy. Have you ever known a couple who had a home and were doing well, but after a remodel, their luck changed? This may be because the remodel changed the birth cycle energy. 

A Home’s Birth Cycle

Once you know the birth cycle of the home—the twenty-year period when it was built—you can reference which of the nine cycles it falls into and calculate the home’s energies from there. Charts of the cycles usually start with cycle one, which begins in 1864.  What do you do when the house is older than this? The simple answer is that the cycles repeat every twenty years: So the previous cycle begins in 1844 and is 9. Cycle 8 starts in 1824 and so on. 

Once you have the home’s birth cycle, you simply take the house’s facing direction and calculate the home’s energy blueprint. With this information, you find the home’s destiny. Will it support money or people? Will you have health and harmony? If it is not, what is there to do in order to “cure” the house?

Aligning Your Home With  Feng Shui

Beloved, do you feel like things are not flowing in your life? Would you like to create more harmony, peace, prosperity, love, and well-being? The first move you can make is to place a water fountain outside. For a typical house, you must have around 250 liters of water flowing. The best placement is in the southwest or to the east of your home until the year 2044. If you do not have the option for either of these locations, the fountain can be placed anywhere in the garden, on a deck, or porch. If you live close to the ocean, a lake, or a pond, you do not need to add a fountain because you are already in close proximity to a water source and its valuable energy flow.

Before You Go

This article only highlights the beginning stages of Classical Feng Shui. If you are seriously considering aligning the energy of your home and personal life through this practice, consider digging deeper. As a Feng Shui Master, I can assure you this way of living has provided so much inner peace and healing for me and my children. I am passionate about helping you discover the beauty Feng Shui can bring to your life. Through intentional living, you too can thrive! Please take a look at my Feng Shui Mastery Course, beloved. I am available to you for any questions you may have.

Love, Amanda

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