The Universe Has Your Back

When we truly trust in the divine laws of the Universe, we know that there is a higher plan for us. Sometimes we try to be in control or sabotage things, and the Universe invites us to trust. The Universe invites us to believe in ourselves and in the higher power of the Universe. Sometimes we perceive things that happen to us as bad or good but really the Universe is simply guiding us.
I invite you to become clear on what you would like to bring into your life and what feelings you would like to feel. Then, do your best to get out of the way and allow the Universe to open you up to that. I don’t believe it’s necessarily about manifesting as I believe it’s all within you already and allowing it. Become clear in a feeling whether it’s vibrant health, abundance, etc. Allow yourself to then step into the feeling. We tend to have a habit of thinking smaller than what the Universe has in store for us. For example, perhaps you want to feel more abundance. You create a vision board, create an affirmation and write, “In the year, I will make $40,000”. In some ways, this keeps yourself limited as the Universe may want to really give you $400,000 or $40 million.
Trust in the feeling of abundance and allow the Universe to look after the rest. That doesn’t mean you just sit on your couch and don’t act. Get clear on your goals and take action on them. Then, you release control and experience the magic that the Universe has to offer you. The Universe is always bringing or new people, new experiences, magic and miracles.
For example, if you keep finding a dove feather, perhaps the Universe is inviting you to step deeper into your peace. It may be a message you are receiving from someone you just meet on the street. They say three words and it can be life-changing for you.
Stay open to the gifts, stay open to the magic. Have your magical and miracle filled goggles on. Living in gratitude is another way to really live in trust of the Universe.
As we know, it’s scientifically proven that everything is made of out energy. If we are grateful for small things in our lives and aware of the gifts, and give deep thanks, we are going to keep attracting more things to be grateful for.

When we are aware of this, the Universe feels that higher vibration and has the ability to create more for you. If you’re often in victimhood, lack, or fear, it’s much harder for the flow to work through you. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is trusting the Divine Order of things. Trust those silly examples that may seem bad in the moment, like missing a work meeting due to traffic. When it seems so horrible, trust something else may be happening. You may get a call that evening that very same evening for an offer that is much more deeply fulfilling than your current work. Trust.

When you perceive things as hard or a little bumpy, trust. I remember when I was moving from Las Vegas to San Diego, I planned my trip, hired a moving truck, and was ready to get on the road. When I woke up, the moving truck had three flat fires. I could have thought that maybe I wasn’t met to make the move, but instead got all the tires fixed. On my way, I went through a checkpoint and broke the side mirror off the moving truck. At that point, I could have definitely thought to turn back. When I finally made it to San Diego, my home I had lined up wasn’t actually ready till the next day. Sometimes the Universe is testing you.

I moved to San Diego, lived there for 18 years, met the man of my dream, and we have two beautiful children together. I trusted. I knew it was a little test for me to really do something that I really believed was the right thing. Sometimes it’s a matter of following your heart and your inner guidance. Know the difference between controlling things and the Universe testing you. There is quite a fine line but the more attuned you are with following your intuition, it becomes a way of life. It’s important to put things into movement.

Be present. When you are present through your breath and in your body and experiences, you are able to refine these powerful skills of knowing if you’re meant to do something or not.
It’s when you’re not in the moment, disconnected, and trying to do ten things at once that you don’t know the difference between spiritual guidance or an old belief pattern that you have. Notice how it feels to have water run over your body in the shower or when sipping on warm tea. When you are present, you are in divine flow and in the position of trust.

If you get guided to change direction, be open to that guidance as well as it will always steer you well. Have a basic plan, go with the flow, and then check in with yourself. Tap into your higher self and notice when your experiences in your emotional body, physical body, and energetic body.

Things usually happen in three’s. Pay attention. Be mindful to never say never. As soon as you say you will never do this, you have controlled and blocked the energy. I say, ‘cancel, clear’ if I say things I would rather not say.

A friend of mine said she would never go sky diving. She received guidance one time that she needed to do it. When she decided to do it, she ended up meeting her soulmate in the plane. Imagine if she had stuck to her strong ‘never’ and missed out on meeting the man of her dreams. Be mindful. Notice if you hear yourself judging and saying never. If you hear yourself getting cynical about things, notice you are blocking energy and lowering your vibration.

If you notice that and become judgemental, simply pause, say ‘cancel, clear’, take a deep breath, exhale, and imagine a beautiful waterfall flowing down on your head. Imagine it flowing down over your body and feel yourself in the divine flow. I come deeply into gratitude for whatever it is that comes to me in that moment. Right away, that raises my vibration and move out of fear or lack and come back into balance.
That is the greatest gift you can give yourself. The Universe wants for you to have a fulfilled life. The Universe wants to support you.

Are you going to allow it?

Are you going to listen to guidance?

Are you going to judge it?

Will you ignore it?

For example, if you have a stiff neck, you may be getting stiff in your body. The body talks. If you notice your ears are blocked off, you may not be hearing the messages from the Universe. If your eyes are bothering you, there is something you might not be seeing. Allow your sense to be clear on a physical and emotional level. Allow yourself to be in divine flow. Allow yourself to experience magic and miracles in your life. A certain amount of this is your choice. You are a co-creator of your own reality. Ask yourself if you’re willing to admit that you’ve had a hand in all you’ve created in your life. Do you perceive them as good or bad? That really is no such thing. Twenty percent of life is what happens, and eighty percent is how you respond to what happened. Hold yourself accountable without blaming and see what you’ve co-created. This is how you can create space to co-create a magical life that you would like.

Speak kindly to yourself. Notice subliminal message you put out there. Stop comparing yourself to others. There will always be someone who is richer, younger, prettier, etc. The second you compare, you lower your vibration and come into lack. That does not support you on your journey. Be kind to yourself in the actions. Don’t push yourself so hard so that you are exhausted at the end of each day. Nurture yourself with plenty of self-care.

Spend time with those you want to and don’t spend time with those that don’t feel good. Notice how you feel when you spend time with certain people, certain foods, or certain experiences. If some don’t feel good, it’s time to stop them. You do have control of that which you surround yourself with and you have some control over the thoughts you think. Meditation and affirmation is very powerful to support with that.

If you follow a Zen philosophy, it invites you to be more neutral and even. This helps you avoid the high high’s and low low’s. Our goal in life isn’t to feel good 24/7 and part of that is to experience pain and suffering as well. We are meant to experience all of that. However if you want experience the magic of the Universe, the higher your vibration, the more magic you’ll experience.

When you truly know you deserve good in your life and deserve to be happy, that’s when the Universe can really support you.

Love, Amanda

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