Survival of the Flexible

We all know the evolutionary principle Survival of the Fittest. But life is about so much more than surviving. It’s about thriving. And in order to thrive, we must be flexible and acknowledge that the only thing we can be assured of in life is change.
Among other things, Yin and Yang symbolize that change is happening in every moment. Morning dawns yet every second afterward moves toward night. In the depths of winter we still move towards the growth of spring. The more we release our rigidity and control, the more we free our energy to align with the Divine flow of the universe.

1. Think about trees during a windstorm

The ones that move and bend with the wind are the ones that do not break. When we are rigid and inflexible we invite frustration and disappointment that stifle our creativity, sensuality, and joy.Trees have this and more to teach us. Their growth is quiet, slow, and they always reach for the light.

2. Acceptance is crucial to flexibility

You have a choice. If you get up in the morning and spill your tea, then go out to your car and have a flat tire, you can let these experiences destroy your day or you can accept what is, wipe up your tea, make another cup, repair your tire, and choose to enjoy the rest of your day.

3. Mindfulness can help us release control

We cannot control everything, especially others including our children, partners, and friends. Why would we want to? By bringing mindfulness to our interactions, we can become aware when our frustration with others is just our inability to control them. When things do not go as planned, or people do not behave as we wish, take a moment, BREATHE, and ask yourself: “Is my life and happiness really at risk in this moment?” You will soon be able to differentiate old emotions re-surfacing from present realities and thus regain balance in the NOW.

When you notice yourself worrying about things not happening as you had planned, allow yourself to become the observer of your thoughts. When you feel yourself becoming reactive or defensive, imagine you are free as a bird, free to fly, to change direction and know that all will be well. You can also just feel a gentle breeze on your face. Allow that to remind you that you can gently move with the winds of change and know that any change of attitude like this takes awareness and practice.

3. Enjoy the messiness of it all

My children are my greatest teachers, showing me the lessons of letting go. They have taught me that I must adapt to change when these little beings coming into our lives. I really had to get used to loving the messiness of it all and still remind myself to just find the joy in messiness to avoid inner disharmony. Do the dishes have to be done now? How about a run in the forest with the children instead?

If we really trust there is a higher power at play and our lives are always being orchestrated for our highest good, then we can trust and surrender to Source with this prayerful affirmation:
Where there is rigidity, let there be surrender;
Where there is control, let there be trust;
Where there are expectations, let there be acceptance;
So I may instead move with grace.

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift.

Love, Amanda

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