Stepping Out of the Spiritual Closet

Explore the freedom of stepping out of the spiritual closet and embracing your true essence. This journey is about liberating yourself from societal norms and expectations and allowing your authentic self to shine. By embracing your spirituality and stepping into your truth, you open doors to deeper connections, personal growth, and a profound sense of fulfillment.

I’ve shared this in previous articles; my main mission and purpose in this life is to help activate divine awakenings in others. I know that for many, this may not resonate. Not everyone reading this may be ready, or it may not be their current path and I respect and understand that. Please bear in mind that I have had lifetimes to work through this, and over 25 years in this lifetime that have brought me to this guidance. This article series is for those souls who resonate with this frequency and are ready for the next level in their spiritual journey.


What does it mean to “step out of the spiritual closet”

In a world that tends to minimize our spiritual experiences, stepping out of the spiritual closet is a phrase to explain full acceptance. Accepting who you are, what your purpose and mission is in the world, and how you can serve Source. stepping into this acceptance happens in the face of fear, so despite and because of the fear around sharing, you face that fear allowing yourself to transcend it. Stepping out of a closet filled with shame, allows you to step into an environment free of guilt, shame, or pre-conceived illusions of loss.

It means you are finally allowing yourself to expand authentically, knowing that you are on the right path and that your journey is a lifetime of evolution and expansion.

Stepping out of the spiritual closet also means stepping out of the 3rd dimension and into the 4th and 5th dimensions.

Understanding the 3rd Dimension

The 3rd Dimension is where most people reside, rooted in the physical body, the ego, and the survival mentality. It’s characterized by separation, where it’s you versus me, and feelings of shame and bullying prevail. In this dimension, people are primarily in their heads rather than their hearts, grappling with fears and unresolved issues, often unaware that they are creating their reality. This lack of awareness is what fuels conflict and suffering.

This dimension fosters a mindset of duality, categorizing experiences and people as good or bad, rather than accepting that everything happens for the highest good. It’s a space where competition thrives, and comparison is the norm. The consciousness in the 3rd Dimension is at a lower frequency. Success is measured by material wealth and social status, rather than by love, joy, well-being, and inner peace. Those living in this dimension often seek to numb their experiences through distractions like TV, alcohol, drugs, and parties, avoiding the necessary processing of their emotions.

Shifting out of this dimension requires a transformation in consciousness, moving from a place of fear and separation to one of love and unity.

Do not compare your spiritual journey to those of others….

Stepping out of the spiritual closet isn’t a destination, it’s not an end goal, it is part of the process of ascension and true acceptance. Knowing where you came from, how much you have evolved, and then embracing the new changes about to occur. For example, I know that I might write this article differently in a year’s time, and it definitely would have been a different article a year ago, but, I get to now embrace the wisdom I have in the present moment. My point is, to understand the ancient wisdom emanating from you is valuable and it shouldn’t be compared to a timeline or to the timelines of others. We are all doing the best we can with the tools we have at the time.


Understanding the 5th Dimension

The 5th Dimension is where we fully embrace our human experience, feeling it deeply, processing it thoroughly, and transcending it. Here, we connect with the heart of the Earth, bringing consciousness into our hearts. As we move beyond the heart-centered awareness of the 4th Dimension, we begin to shed the ego and the illusions we once held, transcending them to a whole new frequency and vibration aligned with our true soul’s essence. This journey becomes a pilgrimage, shifting our thoughts and emotions as we move closer to the origin of Source’s light, our source of origin.

This new level of consciousness never shrinks; it only expands, acting as a portal or gateway that opens up our journey through the dimensions.

The 5th Dimension is where we fully embrace our human experience, feeling it deeply, processing it thoroughly, and transcending it. Here, we connect with the heart of the Earth, bringing consciousness into our hearts. As we move beyond the heart-centered awareness of the 4th Dimension, we begin to shed the ego and the illusions we once held, transcending them to a whole new frequency and vibration aligned with our true soul’s essence. This journey becomes a pilgrimage, shifting our thoughts and emotions as we move closer to the origin of Source’s light, our source of origin.

This new level of consciousness never shrinks; it only expands, acting as a portal or gateway that opens up our journey through the dimensions.

In the 5th Dimension, we transition from consciousness to subconsciousness and then to a higher level of consciousness. Once we enter this dimension, there’s no turning back to lesser knowing.

Embodying Unity and Awareness

In this dimension, we begin to realize and embody the truth that there’s so much more in store for us beyond the five senses and beyond what society deems “enough.” We connect with a higher power and a unity consciousness, embracing a profound sense of connectedness and awareness. We understand that each of us can create our own realities. However, co-creating a reality doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen, it just means we now have the power to process these emotions and transcend!

The 5th Dimension allows us to perceive life from a higher perspective, moving beyond labeling experiences as good or bad. We simply experience, perceive, and observe, embracing the holistic nature of existence. We adopt a holistic view, seeking not just a quick fix for a headache or a physical issue but understanding where this pain is rooted. We consider past trauma, genetics, and ancestral pain or fears, recognizing that healing is a comprehensive process.

Trauma as a birthing place of cosmic connection

From the beginning of our birth, as our energy enters this world, we are all connected to our divinity, we are all offspring of the sacred, and we are children of the Divine. We are born with this innate knowing, and often the disconnection from that knowledge forms from a place of trauma.

Trauma can arise from various sources, from trauma in the birthplace – the mother’s womb, to inner childhood trauma, veering us away from that inner understanding that we are all magical beings intertwined with Source. For some, this might only arise in their teenage or young adult years. Others might be conditioned by fear in their adulthood, and this can cause a disconnect, which can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, fear of rejection, and an overwhelming sense of darkness.

That being said, nothing is ever off-path, every experience is in the guidance of the Divine. Even when we look at these things as mistakes, it remains interconnected with our purpose.

I’d like to stand in and apologize for the difficult experiences that have shaped your path to the present.

I stand as a surrogate for your pain and offer my sincere apologies for all the trauma and sacrifices you’ve endured. Despite the dark moments and deepest struggles, I acknowledge the strength and wisdom that has emerged. It’s crucial to sit with and forgive these experiences, allowing them to shape our understanding and growth

Our Greatest Gift comes from Transcending Trauma

Please know that this is so often where the greatest gifts come from. We as individuals and as a collective need to acknowledge these struggles in order to gain perspective on what they can evoke within us. It’s important to sit with the pain and forgive the people, the environments, and the obstacles that you’ve battled with to carry the sacred sword of your own truth, today.

We can grow, expand, and transcend these energies through the deep connection with the land, Mother Earth, Mother Arch, and Source. This is not the vision of a spiritual bypass, it is the transcension of trauma. Through the process of acceptance, healing, and ascension, we are creating new paradigms.

I have such a deep knowing that my spiritual path is just a realization that never hit me as hard as it does others, because it has always been a part of me, deeply and unconditionally. My purpose has always been seamlessly woven into my spiritual path and the marriage between my purpose and my path has been maintained through my practice. That being said, I know and I’ve walked this path with so many souls who struggled or who are still struggling to be their authentic soulful selves, they are still struggling to find balance within their purpose. The key to stepping out of the spiritual closet is the “doing” part, the complete release of fear and judgment.

How Somatic Healing guides you towards integration

Once we identify the trauma and we decide to transcend these energies, we need a form of maintenance which is where somatic healing itself is absolutely vital. Our DNA is not just the microscopic blueprint; it also contains all the wisdom, information, and data that are part of our evolution. Our DNA contains the DNA of our ancestors, the blood of the land, and the cellular body’s remembrance. A way that the consciousness of that DNA can flow through is through Kundalini awakenings, somatic healing, and working on deep remembrance.

Sometimes, this consciousness can contain a lot of the trauma that is still held within the body, even when we’ve done portions of the inner work, our bodies will truly tell us if it has been released. That’s why we need to be in tune with the body’s matrix and tap into the internal deep wisdom. This gives us the power to transcend the disillusions and the old thought forms that still remain in our DNA. In order to do this, it involves a lot of deconstructing and listening.

How do you deal with the judgment?

It may sound cliché, but the saying “water off a duck’s back” is so relevant. For me, I embody who I am through my spiritual practice and no longer notice the judgment. I choose a sacred community of like-minded souls—clients, students, family, and friends—who support me.

Community is vital in the spiritual journey. The people you surround yourself with will support, hold space, and walk the path with you. When we doubt ourselves, we attract doubters. Whatever frequency we emit, we attract in others. If you’re in a space of negative self-talk, you might attract individuals who enhance that negativity instead of supporting healing. Once you step into your truth, those who don’t align will naturally fall away.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” – Helen Keller


For those awakening or walking the spiritual path, build your community with like-minded people. Stay centered, grounded, and keep “decluttering” your social circles until those who remain uplift, ground, and encourage you. Growth, evolution, and ascension require being deeply rooted and grounded.

Why is community and connection so important?

Connections with like-minded souls sustain us on our spiritual paths. Creating a supportive community is crucial. I’m fortunate to have bonds with friends who share their journeys, experiences, and mutual support. This sense of connection is vital, especially during spiritual transitions.
We’ve recently entered Period 9 in Feng Shui, focusing on collaboration and connection. Period 9 invites us to align with our need for connection and step into our confidence. These themes support you during your awakening, and your community will hold space for you as you step out of the spiritual closet and into your truth.

We are spiritual beings, having a human experience.

Remember, we are all inside the womb of the human experience and will still face judgment and the emotions that come with it. The spiritual path is often misunderstood and can be triggering for some, but we don’t have to prove or explain ourselves to anyone.

You will still experience judgment, regardless of how supported you are, but you have the power to decide how it impacts you. Misalignment with others is a natural part of stepping out of the spiritual closet and staying true to yourself. This can happen in relationships, friendships, work, and family. As you evolve, some relationships might not resonate as they used to, but trust that the right alignments will deepen.

The more we embody and process our emotions, the more we see parts of ourselves that need work. When we transcend the darkest emotions, they no longer have the power to overwhelm us. We begin to witness instead of react, and practice self-compassion and love become our natural responses.

To hold new frequencies of peace, clarity, and harmony, we need to transmute and ascend old ways of being. Knowing our deepest truth reveals our mission and purpose on this earth. As we integrate fully, judgment and the loss of friendships affect us less because we’ve moved beyond the 3D into the soulful, galactic, emotional body and cosmic integration of our ascension, moving into the 5th Dimension and beyond—a space that holds only harmony, peace, and unity.

How do you know when to share your spiritual journey?

The main challenge I faced during my most recent Kundalini awakening was mostly connected to the physical symptoms. From movements curving inside my body to the bliss and to the high levels of intensity, is not often understood by others. For a very long time, I kept this to myself not out of shame but because I wanted to be comfortable with the experience before I shared it with others.

Knowing when to share and with whom to share your spiritual journey is a step we often overlook in this process. It comes down to reading the room, using your Divine intuition, and embodying the deep knowing of who you are and what you possess. The overall awareness of your own energetic frequency will be the same awareness that you tap into to recognize where others are and what they may or may not be ready for. This combination will be the key to knowing what level of consciousness you choose to share when you are ready.

In this process of sharing, there is a level of empowerment. Standing in the belief that you are a consciously heightened sentient and empowered being, knowing that you KNOW and TRUST your intuition and that it will lead you to greatness. Sharing your spiritual path, awakenings, and realizations with others does not stem from a place of smallness, self-lack, or fear. It stems from a sacred place of complete empowerment, knowing how, when, and why something is important to share, depending on your own capacity and that of others.


How to keep yourself protected and aligned

When sharing our spiritual journeys, setting boundaries is crucial. I’ll soon release an article on spiritual boundaries for lightworkers like you, focusing on protection and grounding. Until then, remember the importance of aligning with others’ readiness to receive before sharing. As empaths and spiritual beings, be mindful of old patterns versus new guidance in your actions and reactions. Integrate insights before sharing, especially if your spiritual maturity is still developing. Allow your understanding to evolve into embodiment before discussing it with others.


What if I’m hesitant to come out of the Spiritual Closet?

If you’ve resonated with the concept of embodiment and stepping out of the spiritual closet, trust the process. Release fears, guilt, shame, and the fear of the unknown. Let go of the retraction energy that makes you suppress and not expand fully.

As you move into unity and wholeness, declutter the frequencies that keep you in hiding and make you feel small. You will be guided and protected. As you emerge, you’ll experience more expansion and freedom. Standing in your authenticity will inspire others, creating a ripple effect of activation and permission for others to share their journeys.

What are the Spiritual benefits of emergence?

Since I’ve fully stepped into my power, and confidently opened up to my recent awakenings, so much has unfolded for me. The physical sensations I described in a previous article “How to Navigate a Spiritual Awakening” are just part of it, it runs so much deeper. I’ve become deeply attuned to my body and emotions, which has allowed me to navigate and transcend emotions.

My heightened awareness enables me to tap into higher frequencies: energies like the violet flame, rainbow flame, and blue flame for transcendence. This expansion has elevated my work, granting me access to greater wisdom and broadening my teachings and approach. It feels like a soul upgrade, it has influenced areas of my life like self-love, healthy boundaries, and a higher sense of authenticity and sovereignty.

The codes of my soul are unlocked and open to be of service on a completely new and upgraded level.

My connections with friends, family, and relationships have deepened, reaching new levels of love and intimacy. I have experienced a completely new depth of intimacy with my guides and connections to other realms. I have gained more clarity on my role as an activator, to facilitate the connection between source and souls, guiding them toward leadership and self-discovery.  receiving codes, wisdom, and weaving energies from higher dimensions into the land. 


In order to come out of the Spiritual Closet, you need to step into remembrance…

As you step out of the closet, you will become clearer on who you are, to know on every level and dimension that YOU get to expand to infinite consciousness and realities; without the chains and boundaries of the past. This will enable you to become a guide for yourself and others, to reach deep into your own deepest knowing and truest form, and activate that in others along your path.

In order to do this, you need to step into true remembrance as a mother, father, friend, daughter, son, sister, brother, grid worker, and leader of this new earth. When you step into true remembrance, you open up the stargates to ancient wisdom and your innate magic that runs through hundreds of generations of ancestors. Whether you are a medicine man or woman, a seer, a lightworker or healer, In this moment of remembrance, your mission expands. You will automatically start weaving the ancient into the future, rebirthing together, reclaiming together.

Through activating our inner remembrance we become a channel between heaven and earth. The more we deepen our connection with Mother Earth, the more we remember and become rooted in our seat of power, we enter an elite equilibrium of receptive energy. In this field, we can recognize the energy spiraling through us, through our beings. That is where our ascension gifts are birthed.

The collective consciousness is a mycelium network of Source

We live in a world where everything is connected energetically, which means the divide in humanity can be healed if we decide to unite and work together. We hold the elements within us, we are the water, the fire, the earth. We need to anchor into the network of lightworkers and beings, in order to facilitate the healing this earth needs so desperately.

How do I take the next step?

First, cleanse and declutter your energy, look at those around you, look at your environment, and ask yourself:

“Am I my own obstacle? Am I reverting to old patterns out of fear?”
“Is this person lifting me up or dragging me down?”
“Is my current environment conducive to my journey of expansion?”

Once you can answer these questions about the people you’re surrounded by, and the environments and situations you find yourself in, then you can start assessing what is healthy and what is not.

Next, look at free podcasts, articles (like this one), YouTube videos, training and mentors. Call in your teachers and guides and ask them to bring you into a sacred container of wisdom. While doing these things, I encourage you to be mindful because a lot of the new-age resources out there aren’t grounded in the earth first. Remember, we need to ground in order to ascend, and the same goes for anyone who is mentoring you or guiding you. They need strong and secure grounding practices. Trust your intuition during the process of elimination and if something doesn’t resonate, then trust that your guides are protecting you.

Understanding your role in the community

We are all tasked with different roles; some activate change in others, while others work directly with the earth’s energies, and the leylines, opening gateways and facilitating spiritual growth. Lightworkers play a pivotal role in ushering humanity into a new era of consciousness, I cannot emphasize more how important collaboration is in this new earth.

The awakening process extends beyond adults to younger generations. In my daughter’s friend group, I see sensitive, empathic children who intuitively grasp realities beyond the conventional. My son’s ability to channel light language and my daughter’s intuitive gifts inspire me to create circles for these budding lightworkers. It’s a blessing to see the light reaching beyond adult communities. I’ll also be sharing more on the light language and other techniques like liquid light technology in future articles!

While I know my role is to activate this energy in others, the journey of embodiment and activation takes years of dedication and commitment. Physically, new brain pathways are forged, leading to a profound reconfiguration of the body, mind, and emotions. This doesn’t mean you won’t feel overwhelmed; it means you’ll learn to navigate these experiences and emerge stronger.

You’ll begin to notice and process things differently, understanding emotions, traumas, and processes on both macro and micro levels within your family. This provides an infinite reservoir for whatever needs to be held, seen, or transmuted, expanding our capacity in relationships and community, especially when in alignment.

Choosing Expansion and Collective Growth

If we want to ascend and step into our truth, then we need to allow full integration. That is why I’m focusing on this article series, because we hear the words “awakening” so often but very few resources will speak on the integration part afterward. The goal of this next level in our consciousness is to move from the 3D into a higher dimension of evolution and ascension.

If we stay in the 3rd dimension, it’s all about what we can touch, see, hear, smell, and taste, it becomes about the emotional reaction instead of the embodiment. Our goal is to enter the 5th dimension, and then work out way up all the way to the 13th dimension.

I invite you to keep stepping into this love, into the higher frequency that upgrades our consciousness. Your way of being, listening, talking, receiving, and giving will change during this process and it will create a ripple effect.

By releasing traumas from past lives, ancestors, and our bloodline, we retain the wisdom and gifts passed down. You can rewrite patterns, feel the fear, and release it. Moving past fear allows us to soar above it, creating a ripple effect that integrates fearlessness in our communities.

Every time you choose expansion and growth, you do so collectively. We are on this pilgrimage together, clearing a path for others through our inner work.


You are the awakening!

When you step out of the confines of societal norms and you step into your truth, you start guiding souls home to themselves in your unique way. You are a Divine vessel! You hold the keys to transmute, transcend, and facilitate this sacred union of marriage within all of us, the light of infinite consciousness.

If I could leave you with anything, it is to be the bridge that weaves the golden age’s architecture of the future; be the illuminator. Anchor into the mycelium of Source and hold space for yourself and others within that network. We are all loved, and on the inside, we crave that deep knowing to be a light in the world.

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