Releasing the Old

Not too long ago our family spent some time harvesting incredibly delicious blackberries. I was on the run the other morning and I noticed that the blackberries were no longer in season and all I saw were the leaves and thistles. I noticed that I felt a little disappointed and sad. I’m always talking about stepping into change that needs to happen and going with the natural cycles of the earth so this was powerful for me to notice my sadness over the cycles of natures. I asked myself what was going on. I felt some loss around the joy of blackberry picking and sharing those fun activities with my family. Yet, realizing that change is inevitable. I stopped for a moment and honored how I was feeling in the sadness and symbolic nature of loss I’ve experienced in my life. Then I let it go.
I was able to then laugh a bit and look around and see the beauty in the natural cycle of what is happening in nature. It was helpful for me to be aware of my thoughts and bring awareness to them.
For example, when I took my daughter to school for her first time, I found it hard and challenging to embrace that change. I’m sharing this because every moment and every day, we have experiences of change that are happening. I went to pick up my daughter several hours later and she had had the best day. She was painting and blowing kisses to these new girls she met. If I had been so resistant of the change and hadn’t allowed her to have that experience, I would stopped her experience. We can’t create space for magic if we are too busy gripping onto a job that we’ve been in for many years and won’t let go of, or a home that we had, or an old relationship.
If there was a relationship that wasn’t in alignment and takes up a lot of space in your life, there is no possibility for a new relationship to come in. This also relates to a relationship we are in but are stuck on the way it is and not allowing the relationship to evolve and holding onto old ways. My invitation is to be aware of thoughts you are having and old patterns that are re-running again in your life. These experiences will keep coming until we are decide we are ready to let go of it.
Know that your thoughts are not you. Your old belief patterns are not you. You are so much bigger and more powerful than that. When you allow yourself to let go and acknowledge them, it’s very helpful. Think of a new deer who has just learned how to stand. At first it does not know how to use it’s legs and sometimes that’s how it feels letting go of the old and starting anew. Eventually though, you come comfortable in that new way of being.

You may find that if you’re releasing old patterns and old thoughts, it may feel really uncomfortable at first. That’s ok. Allow yourself to go through that bit of discomfort to the amazing gifts, magic, and miracles that will happen when you let go of something that is no longer serving you. You could be unhappy about certain things in your life and notice you are feeling angry, jealous, or annoyed with someone for not making that change for you. The only person that can make that change in your life is you. I’m inviting you to step up and step in to things that are no longer working and let go of them. Have the courage, trust, and faith. Call in support from your guides and angels. Speak to Source directly. They are just wanting to help and support you.

Here are some ways to release the old and embrace the new:

1. Identify your patterns

For example, when I was on my run and experienced sadness about the blackberries, what could have happened? I could have ignored it yet felt the energy all day long. Vibrating at a lower level means I will attract those kinds of experiences into my life. Instead, I identified my pattern. I identified that I was not ok being ok with change. I stopped judging myself. Then, I put trust first. I put my trust in nature. Identify your patterns from overeating, shopping, drinking, etc. Stop judging yourself and yet, notice the patterns. You can shift them. Trust that you can change them. It doesn’t have to be the way it is. It’s important for you to be happy and know you’re allowed to feel peace and joy in your heart.

2. Decide to make the change

Make the choice to release what it is and trust that the Universe will support you. Trust and know that the requested change is happening. You have declared it to Source. Put into action what needs to be put into action. For example, if you’re in a job you don’t love and have identified the pattern. You have then decided you are going to stop into something more self-loving. Release judgement around staying in the job for as long as you did, commit to making the change, and trust you will be supported. Trust and have faith in Source that it is coming with your Higher Self and take action. Step into your truth and the second you do that, the Universe will align everything.

What happens when uncertainty and insecurity comes up? Trust. This is how you are going to allow yourself at releasing and stepping into the new. When you make a mistake or make change, allow yourself to just know that it’s a learning and a wisdom. When you mess up, don’t see it as a failure, look at it as an amazing experience that you were brave enough to step into. Trust, trust, trust. There are so many times in my past where I held onto things because I thought it was the only or best way, and then the second I let go and step into my truth, magic happens.

When you feel uncertain about releasing the old, see the wonder and opportunity in change.
For example, you want to leave a job, leave a relationship, or sell a business. See the opportunity. Visualize yourself in the situation you want to release and allow yourself to dream and explore that other possibilities are on the other side of that. Ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that can happen? For example, if you hand in your notice at this job and don’t have a job. Well, you can get another job. Ask yourself what the worst case scenario is if you were to make that change in your life.

3. Notice when you are clinging

Notice when you are overly clinging or depending on something or someone. Notice if you are holding on too tight. If you are, ask yourself what the disadvantages are of holding on so tight. For example, if I had clinged too much to wanting the blackberries to be in season, I would have been in disharmony with myself and the cycles of nature.

Instead, I accepted the rhythm of nature and understood it beyond the loss I initially felt. Allow yourself to experience the absolute bliss of being in the unknown and being in the uncertainty. Imagine that you are being held by the angels. Know that all the Universe wants to do is support you and facilitate your growth and expansion. When you hold on to old patterns, it doesn’t give you a chance to evolve in that way.

4. Be present

Allow yourself to be in the present moment. If you notice that after 30 minutes driving in your car that once you arrive and don’t remember the entire drive, you were not in the present moment. That is being caught up in your thought. I invite you to be as present as you can. When you chew your food, taste every mouthful. When you get in the shower, feel the drops of water on your skin. When you have a conversation, connect with them. Look into their eyes and you can’t help but be fully present in that moment.

5. Allow yourself to follow your desires

Listen to the whispers of your soul. If you feel an energetic pull of the Universe or you keep hearing things repeatedly, take it as Source’s way to communicate with you. Follow your heart’s desires. This will allow you to step into your most greatest self.

6. Spend time in stillness every day

We are human beings, we don’t have to be human do’ers every moment. I invite you to take some time to meditate, go on a meditative walk, or engage in whatever that stillness is for you.

7. Clear clutter

Clear clutter in your home, closer, or any area of your life. It symbolizes letting go. It can be hard to let go of old patterns so fake it till you make it! Become clear of the things in your life that aren’t flowing. In the next few days or weeks, feel into what action might need to take place to help release these patterns. Without thinking of the future, focus on the present moment. Be brave, have the courage, and trust. Trust that the Universe has your back and that we are all on this journey together. Anybody that you know that is alive from the Dalai Lama to whoever it may be, is on a journey.

It is that Unity Consciousness of everyone wanting to step into their best selves and understanding the interconnectedness of all things.

When we do something to serve ourselves, we are serving everyone. I invite you to make change and put action into the change. When you experience the gifts of letting go of the old patterns and ways and step into the new, share it. Share it with your family and friends. It is the ripple affect that ripples out and facilitates change.

Love, Amanda

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