Magic & Miracles

I’m so, so grateful to be here with you all with this powerful, amazing topic of Magic and Miracles.
The truth is, is I truly live and breathe my life, like everything is magical, everything is a miracle. I wake up and I’m like ‘Wow, I feel amazing in my body. I can hear. I can see. My fingers work. My hands work. I wake up and my husband is there and my children are there. This morning we came downstairs and our house is all East facing up over these hills, and then there was a sunrise. First of all, the sky was purple and then it progressed into all these amazing pinks, and then it went orange, and we are just in awe looking at it. For me, that truly is magical, that is a miracle, right?
When you can live your life knowing that a gift and a miracle, you open yourself up for nothing but that for the rest of the day. When you wake up and you’re grateful, you open yourself up for things to be grateful for. If you wake up and you’re in a negative space, and you go into the world feeling that way, you attract that. That’s just how the universe works.
So, we know and understand those tools, right? I probably have about three magical journals that I’ve kept. I have three full hundred page journals. My husband and I have been married 11 years now. Before we were married we went and took this special trip to Julian for a weekend. One morning at sunrise we went on a nice hike. We went through a beautiful forest and the sun hadn’t completely risen. We were walking and chatting when all of a sudden, two owls flew down. They landed in front of our face and they looked at both of us in the eyes.
We were in a state a shock, and my husband said, ‘Put out your hand.’ I was like, ‘Ok.’ I put out my hand, he put out his hand, and one owl dropped a feather in my hand, and one owl dropped a feather in his hand, and then they flew off. It was the most magical, incredible experience. The owl always represents wisdom. I was so excited, I said ‘We’ll make earrings! Oh my goodness these feathers are so amazing, what a gift that was.’

We were driving down the hill from Julian and we had these feathers with us in the car. We were driving down the hill with the windows open, singing, and feathers flew out the window.

For a second, I gasped and then I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, how beautiful. How symbolic is that, representing freedom, non-attachment and connection.’ My husband and I were just having this beautiful conversation in our backyard, and there was this incredible flower. We were just chatting away and this flower was kind of in between us. All of a sudden, as we were talking, this flower opened and a butterfly flew out.

My husband and I dropped our jaws. There is constantly these magical moments and when you recognize how magical they are, and when you recognize how Source is providing all of this to you. Every time you recognize it, acknowledge it, and give gratitude to it, it gets stronger. You experience all of that beauty, magic, and miracles in your life. It’s simply a matter of opening your eyes to it and being aware.

As soon as you decide you are ready to align with the miracle you desire it’s available to you
Whether it’s a baby, or a husband, or success, or healing for somebody or whatever it may be. A lot of the time however, you can’t really ask for magic for another person. They have to want it for themselves. Focus on something that you want to bring into your life, and perhaps that helps you support others. For example, maybe you want to do more good in the world, but you need more finances to do that. So, you say to Source, ‘Bring more abundance to me’, and then that frees you up to get more abundance.

When you are truly ready to align with something, that’s when the Universe goes ‘Ok, ok. It’s time then.’ When you have decided, ‘Ok, I’m ready to create this miracle in my life’, you go internal, you go inwards. It’s not about going outwards with it. Of course you can do amazing things like create vision boards and different things but it really is about you tapping into your higher self and tapping into your heart. I want to suggest a meditation that I can do quickly in the morning before I get out of bed, or in my meditation room, and I always do it before bed too. I ground my energy, I come fully into my heart and I connect with Source. I align with all of the magic in the universe because the universe is just waiting to support you. It will move mountains for you if you let it, truly. If you step into ‘I deserve’, if you truly step into that, you’ll manifest that. If something doesn’t manifest, it’s because it wasn’t meant to. It’s really about trusting in that.

Being clear is really important
If you are want to open to something in your life, some kind of magic or miracle, be clear about it. If you’re like ‘Oh, I really want to bring this in but I don’t know if I deserve it’ and there are these old patterns and old belief systems, that will stand in the way. If you’re like ‘I want this but I don’t deserve it’, ‘I want it but I’m not good enough for this.’ You really have to work on ‘I am good enough’, and ‘I do deserve this.’ I am no longer that story. I am no longer what that person told me. I am no longer that belief system. I am now creating a new paradigm for myself, and I am not that. Then the universe goes, ‘check!’

It’s like when you were in bad relationships and you said, ‘No more. I am not putting up with that.’ The universe goes, ‘Ok!’ ‘No, I am not putting up with friendships like that anymore.’ Boom, they don’t come anymore. When you truly are done, the universe gets it. You need to clear your energy of old beliefs, finding the best tools for you, whatever that is from journaling, getting out in nature, or just saying ‘I am done with that’ and stepping into your new belief system. Be clear. Also, being clear means being clear on what it is that you want to bring it and that you’re willing to bring that in.

The next thing is thinking and feeling it
Whatever that is that you want to open up to, let’s just say it’s abundance. You really have to tap into that feeling. If you want to bring in abundance but you’re always in lack, saying ‘I can’t afford this, I can’t afford that’ and you’re always feeling that way, it will be very hard for you to align with the vibration of that in the universe. If it’s more abundance you want to bring in, you have to feel abundant, and it can even just be knowing that there is an abundance of beauty around you or stating, ‘I have an abundance of love to give.’

It’s stepping into that abundance within you. Align with that, for example, ‘I’m ready to bring in my soul mate’ but if you’re always in ‘Oh, it’s not going to happen for me, I’m not good enough.’ If you state, ‘I love myself unconditionally’’, if you truly are stepping into that with yourself, stating ‘I deserve this’, ‘I love myself’, playing love music, being loving with yourself, your thoughts, and everything? Well it’s so easy for the universe to align you with your soul mate then too.

The next thing is detach and release
Just completely let go. For example, if it’s bringing in your soulmate or vibrant health or whatever it may be, you make it clear what you’re going to accept and what you’re not going to accept. You let go of the old belief systems, get into the feeling of it, but then you have to detach and not think ‘When am I going to meet my soulmate?’, ‘When is this going to happen?’ You have to really, really trust that it all happens in divine timing and it’s all perfectly aligned.

If you can say, ‘Ok universe, I’ve told you what it is that I’m ready to manifest and what I’m ready to bring into my life, and I trust and I know that you’re going to bring it.’ Perfect!

Then, use the power of gratitude
Be grateful for all that you have, even simple things like running water, food, healthy beautiful food, being able to cook, having shelter, amazing friends, family, pets, whatever it may be. It serves a purpose for awhile to access lower vibrations such as guilt, shame, and anger but when you can bring yourself into a higher vibration like, ‘I am grateful’, things will shift. Even the minute you say those words, you come up into your heart and your vibration lifts. The minute you’re in an energy of gratitude, you’re going to keep attracting all of these things to be grateful for.

I highly suggest having some kind of gratitude journal or have a chalkboard down in your kitchen where everyday you write what you’re grateful for, or have an erasable marker for your mirror in your bathroom where you write what you’re grateful for, or the intentions that you want to bring in. It’s all about living a conscious lifestyle.

It’s not about controlling, yet about understanding how the universe works, being clear in thought, in energy, and clear in the directions given to the universe.

Then, also detach and most importantly, be in your joy
Have fun! Trust, know that it’s happening and carry on with your life. If you’re sitting around, ‘Has it happened yet?’, Has it happened yet?’, that is not being detached. That is not trusting. That is sitting on it and holding onto it and trying to control it.

Whereas, if you just go off and you have a good time, it will just happen. For example, I put all the feng shui in to meet my husband, and then I took a trip to Miami, and there I met my husband in the hotel I was staying in. I was not even thinking about it. I had done all my stuff, I just knew, and I trusted it would happen when it was meant to, and it did!

Whenever I notice that I’m getting too attached to something, I stop, and say “Ok, what’s happening here and what is the truth of why you’re attaching yourself to this?” I wake up every day and say, “Ok Source, Ok God, work through me. What do you need for today? How do you need me to serve you today? Show me and guide me and I’m willing to follow.”

Use the power of forgiveness
If you want to create a lot of magic and miracles in your life, again, letting go of old patterns and beliefs definitely frees up your energy. Forgive anybody that you need to forgive in your life because if you’re holding any type of resentment, anger, or feelings of abandonment or whatever it may be, it’s time to let that go, forgive yourself and those that need to be forgiven.
I really like to work with miracles in my dream time
You might want to try this. When I get into bed, I always give thanks, gratitude, send the angels out and set the intention for world peace. I send love to all those that I know and that I don’t know, and then I go into my dream time. Right before I go to sleep, I say, “Ok Source, Ok Universe, this is the miracle I’m ready for.” Then I go into my dream state and I work in the dream state. My higher self works subconsciously.

You can keep a Miracle and Magical journal, you can work with this in your dream time. It’s really important to live it before it happens. This is how I live my life. For example, the choice to move to Ireland. Before all the steps as to how it was going to happen, I announced, “Ok we’re moving to Ireland.” I do this with everything. I announce it before it’s even happened, and then it just happens. I live it, I align with it, I feel into it, and it may not have already happened, but then shortly after the universe catches up and jumps up, or I’m on another dimension doing it.

It works. It’s a great tool. Anything that I’ve wanted to do in my life, I put myself there in it. For example, the Feng Shui training, people approached me saying “Oh, will you teach it? Will you teach it?” Eventually I said yes. Then I put it out there that I would teach a training, I set a date for 5 months later, and I gathered all of my materials from over a decade, and everyone signed up. The truth is, is that I didn’t even have a training. I had 5 months which was perfect and I had all my materials. It was just my own work, my own journals, and my own notes from clients. That’s how I roll. I am not a perfectionist so I don’t wait until things are perfect.

I live very intuitively and allow myself to be guided in the moment. If it feels right, I follow through. If at any stage, if it stops feeling really good, you can change your mind. You can change your mind at any time. Sometimes something feels really good and aligned at one time and then as you proceed, it doesn’t always feel quite as good. That is listening to your intuition and being ok with changing directions. That’s very important. This isn’t about being wishy-washy and not being grounded. You can be grounded and practical in life while still experiencing magic and miracles.

Be willing to use affirmations and visualizations
I love using tools of affirmations and visualizations. For some people, it’s harder to get into the feeling of something. For example, they want to bring in their soulmate and it’s harder for them to get in the energy of love. One can write a beautiful affirmation stating, “I love myself unconditionally. I love my smile. I love my energy. I deserve love…etc.” Write your own affirmation. Wherever it may be, recite it. Whether you write it on the mirror, write it on a piece of paper, place it on your altar, or meditate with it; perhaps you even have it playing on your phone to hear.

For example, look at the most successful athletes. Before they go in for the Olympics, they close their eyes and they win the race in their mind. The ones that do that are the winners. That is proven. A lot of athletes use this tool. Their brain has already told them they’ve won the race so of course they are going to go out and win the race. Use positive reinforcements, affirmations, and visualizations. Allow yourself to truly align with that energy.

Realize your full potential. Realize you are powerful. You are powerful. I am aware I’ve shared my stories but you have a ton of stories too. You have just as much magic and miracles within you and in all the areas of your life! You have to step into your full potential, realize how amazing you are, and that you do have the power. You absolutely have the power to create whatever it is in your life. If there are certain areas of your life that you’ve had blocks, it’s time to give yourself permission to remove them.

Realize that you have that magical dance with Source, with the Universe, with the magic. Everybody has that connection. It’s up to each one of us to choose to do it or not.

As I shared, being in your joy is so important. Ask yourself, “What is it that brings me joy?” Dancing? Singing? Doing Feng Shui? Being with your friends? Cooking beautiful food? Traveling? Reading books? Meditating? Taking yoga? Whatever it may be, do more of that. There is going to be so many gifts for you there. That’s what the Universe needs, people to be in their joy.

When you’re in your joy, your vibration goes even higher than gratitude, and the universe rejoices!

When you’re in the joy, it’s easier for the universe to grant you your wish. As for things that don’t bring you joy, ask yourself why you’re still doing it. I love to be of service, but if I feel like I have to do this because it’s the right thing to do, I question what doing the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ things means to do. I always know if it’s the right thing to do or not when I feel into my heart.

For example, “I’ve got to go visit these people. It’s the right thing to do, especially around the holidays,” but is that really the right thing for you? Is it? It’s important to ask these questions to align with our truest joy.

Get in the habit of seeing all magic and miracles around you from the minute you get up. When you wake up, simply recognize that which you feel is a miracle, as what you feel is a miracle could be very different from what I feel is a miracle. You may see, witness, and experience different things through different lenses.

Regardless, there are miracles and magic happening all around. Look up at the sky occasionally. Look up at the birds. See what animals are appearing. Listen to what you keep hearing from people. Listen to messages. Listen to guidance that you receive. Follow that guidance. The more that you tap into Source, connect with the earth, and connect with your heart, these are sure ways for you to manifest anything that you want in your life.

Love, Amanda

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