How to Optimize Your Home Garden Using the Practice of Feng Shui

Beloved, as you know, your home is more than the structure. Home is both a feeling and state of being. Your sense of home also extends to the land your house sits on. A garden says a great deal to you as you pass it just like inside the home. It is also a reflection of what is going on within you at a deeper level. The practice of Feng Shui can elevate the energy of your garden. What is your garden saying about you? This article will lovingly guide you through ways you can optimize the energy of your garden; bringing it into balance.

What Your Garden Says About You

An empty garden shows loneliness and the possibility of finances being limited. On the other hand, a garden that is overgrown shows your life as overwhelming and busy. Take a quiet moment each day to ask yourself what your garden is saying to you. A garden should create a sense of inner peace and provide nurturing and support for your life. The earth is the mother on which the creative power of life is made. The soil, flowers, plants, and wildlife are the earth’s gifts for us to honor, cherish, and enjoy.

Bringing Your Garden Into Balance

It’s nice to be able to hear flowing water and birdsong in the garden. These sounds are wonderful to hide the sounds of road traffic and other noises that are overwhelming or distracting. The use of herbs in your garden adds color and life; they also contain medicinal properties that have been used for centuries. Plant herbs such as basil, jasmine, lavender, and rosemary to bring vibrant positive energy to your garden.
Spending time in your garden will bring you closer to the nurturing and healing power of mother nature. It truly is an honor to spend time in the garden and connect with the land and soil. You will find as you send care and love to the garden, it will give that back to you through pure beauty, smells, and nourishment. Allow your garden to grow naturally without using chemicals and fertilizers.

Your garden can provide a sacred space for friends and family to gather and connect. The pathways should flow like a meandering stream, not a straight road. Avoid paths and complex formations. Landscaping should be given love regularly. Try not to allow shrubs and foliage to become overgrown, cover walkways, entryways, or cast large shadow on the house. Always keep garbage cans hidden and clear clutter from garden sheds. Ensure you have the necessary shelving to keep all the tools and equipment organized for an uncluttered work area.

Balance the five elements: fire, earth, water, wood, and metal into the landscaping. Doing so will harmonize and balance your garden. Choose plants that are plentiful and look rich and vibrant. Great colors to incorporate into your garden are plants with red, purple, and royal blue flowers. Plant flowers with soft leaves, and avoid plants with thorns, spines, or pointy leaves especially by the front entrance area this will keep away the positive energy.

Invite wildlife to your garden by adding birdbaths, fountains, and bird feeders. Consider planting flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Keep artificial birds, wildlife, and butterflies to a bare minimum. A water feature is always a great addition; it must be positioned in the correct location for enhancement. The best locations are in the East and Southwest corners. It is very important to keep the fountain clean and make sure it flows either in a 360-degree pattern or towards the house.

Trees are lovely in a garden, however make sure they are not placed in a direct line with any entrances, especially the main entrance. Any blockage of the entrance will hinder positive energy from entering your home. Try to keep a balance of yin and yang (dark and light) when thinking of the trees. Avoid trees that will completely block the light.

Before You Go

Your garden is an extension of your home. If anything, being in nature makes us feel more at home than any house could. Balance is always the key in Feng Shui. Follow the simple steps in this article and your garden will be in harmony and create such wonderful energy for you and those in your home. Having a beautiful view of your garden from every window and door in your home gives a feeling of pure abundance and joy. Your garden can be a perfect retreat for you to enjoy, Beloved. 

Did you know the land your home sits on holds its own energy? It’s important to heal the land of past grievances, pain, and disaster. Learn more about this practice by reading about the amazing Online Geomancy and Land Healing Certificate here

Love, Amanda

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