How Healers and Acupuncturists Can Use Feng Shui in Their Profession

The art and science of Feng Shui can and should be applied to business environments.

Bringing Feng Shui into your business is an organic and effortless transition, especially if you are a health and wellness professional. Reiki and crystal healers, massage therapists, yoga instructors, and acupuncturists can benefit immensely by bringing Feng Shui best practices into their workspace.

Incorporating Feng Shui into an acupuncture clinic or massage room is beneficial to support the patients and clients. It helps practitioners provide services. There is a lot of energy work involved in acupuncture, so it’s important to ensure the practitioner and client feel welcome, supported, and calm.

Are you a healer? Here is how you can implement Feng Shui into your practice.

Why Healers Should Incorporate Feng Shui

As healers, acupuncturists, yoga instructors think of clients, we realize there is an intimate connection of body, mind, and spirit. The intersection of Chinese medicine and Feng Shui is this: bringing good energy flow through a person’s home and their body. Feng shui teaches that a person’s living or working environment is merely an outward reflection of the inside. You can read about the basics of classical Feng Shui here.

Chinese medicine’s goal is to release sha energy blockages in the human body because such blockages create disease; Feng Shui also releases sha energy in the environment to support sleep, digestion, and peace.

The incredible work of a massage therapist or acupuncturist can heal our physical bodies, but without Feng Shui, our surroundings will offset this healing and send us back into disharmony. That is why it’s so important for anyone in a healing/health profession to create a space that doesn’t counteract patient progress. The environment should be conducive to continued healing and peace of mind.

Healers can serve clients on a deeper level, empowering them to cultivate good energy and combat negative energy in their homes and lives.

Clients who visit healing professionals spend so much time seeking answers for their health issues. Chiropractor, acupuncture, reiki, crystal healing, and physiotherapy sessions alleviate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain. However, there remains a missing link to lasting recovery. Unbalanced energy can stunt a client’s healing if they return to a chaotic environment, lack balance in their lives, and aren’t fulfilled.

6 Ways to Improve the Energy of Your Practice

As a practitioner, are you working in an environment that grounds, protects, and relaxes your energy? Are your clients getting the full benefit of healing?

Upon entering your office or building, your patient should feel at peace, safe, and relaxed. Without good Feng Shui, things might feel off-kilter, causing them to feel overwhelmed or defeated. This could send the entire appointment off-balance, negatively impacting mindsets.,Utilize Feng Shui to make patients feel instantly welcome, comfortable during their appointment, and optimistic about returning.

There are a few things I encourage my Feng Shui students to assess closely in their practices. Making adjustments in the following areas will bring your workspace to a place of harmony and vitality.

1. Avoid using fluorescent lighting. A welcoming warmth of natural light makes a difference in the healing process. If you are using a space that doesn’t have access to natural light I recommend soft lighting options such as small lamps that keep the light tone warm, but not bright.

2. Acupuncturists and healers should keep the treatment table positioned where the client’s head is farthest away from the door with a clear line of sight. This position allows for a better energy flow. The position has a great impact on the inner circle, more details about the inner circle can be found here.

3. Energize your clinic or yoga studio with plants. Plants have always been known to have cleansing and healing power. Having these natural healers in your studio or workspace can allow the space to provide the best healing energy. Plants like Aloe Vera and Peace Lillies offer healing and will grow large when cared for. These plants make excellent additions to any healing space.

4. Hang artwork that is simple, inspiring, and energizes you in your work.
One of the best ways to spark positive energy in any space is some artwork. Art that has simple strokes or shapes can allow guests to relax and enter a calm space where they can grow and heal.

5. Neutralize sharp corners of furniture (“poison arrows”) by placing a plant there.
Placing plants in empty areas where furniture meets can eliminate dead space in the room. These areas of dead space are better filled with the healing energy of plants than left with nothing. The empty spaces in the room can leave the room feeling cold and impersonal. Not every corner needs to have something in it but leaving multiple corners of the room empty can stop your guests from fully relaxing. If you already have enough plants in your workspace the addition of sculptures is another way to allow positive energy to flow through the room.

6. Create a calm workspace by keeping a theme of neutral colors. By painting your workspace walls with soft cream colors you are creating warm space. Your clients will start to feel positive energy when entering a room. Neutral colors offer a naturally soft atmosphere. Painting walls with these soft colors are one of the best ways to begin the transformation of your workspace.

How to Learn More About Feng Shui as a Healer

We’ve only scraped the surface of the benefits Feng Shui holds for healers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and yoga instructors. When you implement the ancient practice of Feng Shui, your business, and your clients will see the immense benefits. As a Feng Shui consultant, I have witnessed healing practitioners become more fulfilled in their work after incorporating Feng Shui. They watch their clients experience improvements in health, happiness, and peace while also experiencing prosperity in their business!

Here are three core benefits my courses Feng Shui Your Life and Feng Shui Master Certification can make the same sing true for you:

1. Add Feng Shui consultancy to your services when you take the Feng Shui Master Certification. This will elevate your offerings to clients and truly provide them with a holistic approach to treatment.
2. Use the courses to create the perfect environment for your clients to relax, receive, and heal.
3. Bring purpose to your life as a practitioner. Reawaken your soul’s purpose, rid your life of what no longer serves you, and create space to welcome success and meaning into your business.

In addition to the beautiful foundation we will build, I’ll thoroughly train you in the following areas and more!

  • How to begin and market your Feng Shui consultancy
  • How to support your clients while protecting your energy
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to perform a consultancy in-person and virtually
  • Attract new clients and learn how to charge for your services

Before You Go

Beloved, you have the methods, knowledge, and science behind what you do as a healer– have you added a balanced, connected space to this list of essentials? Keep progressing, my loves. Create a space that not only will amplify your ability as a healer but make your patients’ experiences so much more meaningful.

If you enjoyed this article, we’d appreciate you sharing it with others that might be interested in changing their lives through the power and science of Feng Shui. You may also refer your clients to my course Feng Shui Your Life. Inside, they will learn how to improve their home, health, and lives with the beautiful practice of Feng Shui!

If you’d like to start a new career as a Feng Shui consultant or expand your existing services to clients, take a look at our online Feng Shui Master Certification course.

Love, Amanda

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