How Feng Shui Can Improve Your Love Life

We spend more than eighty percent of our time indoors, so your home must be supportive and nurturing. When you enter your home, you should feel your spirits rise, for your home is the outward expression of your inner life. Your home should reflect the life you want to live. This includes your romantic life. If you are ready to attract love or enhance your present relationship then prepare your home as if you are already in a loving relationship.
This article will guide you in utilizing Feng Shui to invite romance into your life and nurture romantic relationships. Feng Shui is a beautiful practice that invites you to be intentional in your everyday life. It paves a path to joy and peace.

Optimizing Your Space for Romance

The first step in Feng Shui is always to clear your home of unnecessary objects and energy. To attract love, you should get rid of anything from past relationships— gifts, photos, love letters, anything with an old love’s energy on it. Otherwise, you are holding on to that person. Let him or her go to free up your life for love.

Create an open space in your closet for a future partner’s things. Add eight empty hangers to say, “I am welcoming you into my life. I have space and time for you.” Make room in your drawers, too, creating equal space for your belongings and your partner’s. Give unwanted items to someone who needs them, or to a charity, or a recycling center, always honoring the earth as you decide where such things to go.

Arrange bedroom items such as nightstands and lamps in pairs. Display artwork there that suggests romance and intimacy. Anything that does not serve the bedroom’s function of offering rest and romance should be removed; this includes photos of friends and family.

Within those pairs, organize items of similar size; if one lamp on a nightstand is much larger than another, this will create an imbalance in the relationship. Whatever you do on one side of a pair, do the same on the other, even with nightlights and plants.

Your bedroom is the key to creating a sacred home that welcomes the love of your life. Televisions or exercise paraphernalia do not belong there, and electronic equipment should be placed in the office. Such items in the bedroom make relationships appear to be about hard work, not about rest and romance.

Color matters too. Earth tones are soothing and grounding for attracting relationships. Then you might add small accents in the red spectrum, such as pinks, maroon, or berry. Try to create a room that is neither too feminine nor too masculine. Find a nice balance so both persons will feel welcomed and honored in the space.

Assure yourself that you are supported in life and love. Your bed should be positioned so there is enough space to walk on either side. You should not sleep in line with the door but should see the door from your bed. It is best not to sleep under a window or have the bathroom on the other side of the headboard.

The size of your mattress is important! If you are single with a single mattress, you will stay single, while a King size mattress doesn’t encourage romance either. Queen-size is perfect for love. It is best not to sleep on a mattress from a previous relationship, but if you must, give it a clearing with some sage. Remove clutter from under the bed so energy can flow freely.

Rose quartz is the gem for love, compassion, healing, and romance. Place two pieces on your nightstand; carry the gem in your purse or car. As jewellery, allow your gem to rest on your heart.

The southwest corner of your home is the area for love. Place two pieces of rose quartz or two peonies—the flowers for love and romance—in that area of your home

Before You Go

Bringing Feng Shui into your home will allow you to reap the blessings you deserve for years to come. As you wait for love, be mindful to treat yourself lovingly every day and do not wait for someone else to. Use your best bedding of satin or silk and wear your best underwear and nightgowns. Create sacred quiet time for yourself by lighting candles and buying yourself flowers. To attract love, you need to be, first of all, completely loving to yourself. Be in that vibration of love to receive it, Beloved. Wonderful things are ahead.

To learn more about Feng Shui, join my Feng Shui Mastery course. You deserve all the best, beloved.

Love, Amanda

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