Getting in Shape Using Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a beautiful practice that ushers positive, life-giving energy into your home and your life. Did you know that simple changes in how you arrange your home can either support or hinder you in being the best version of yourself? The practice of Feng Shui equips us to create a supportive space that nurtures and inspires; becoming a sacred environment in which to live and thrive. 
If you are desperately craving well-being and cultivating a healthy lifestyle, Feng Shui can help. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you evaluate your home. Each question is accompanied by a prompt to help you make positive changes in each section of your home. Remember, these changes do not need to be made at once but can be implemented over time. Have grace for yourself as you progress into optimizing your home with Feng Shui.

A Time of Reflection

Take a moment to think through your experience of walking through your front door. The first thing you see when you enter your home subconsciously affects your mood and well-being. How does entering your home make you feel? Do you feel anxious, tired, or distracted? Are you relaxed and joyful?

Below are several possible first impressions you may have according to the room you see from the front door through the practice of Feng Shui. With each first impression, you will have actionable steps you can take to move your home into balance through Feng Shui. Beloved, even the smallest movement forward into Feng Shui will positively affect your health and help you fulfil your goals for healthy living.

First Impressions: Bedroom

People who see the bedroom as soon as they step in may feel tired. 

Make Your Bedroom Feng Shui Friendly

Creating a focal point with a beautiful piece of artwork on the opposite wall will serve as a welcome distraction. In your closet, get rid of old clothes you have been saving for “when I lose weight.” Holding onto clothes that don’t fit symbolizes holding on to old behavior patterns. Keep only clothes that honor you and that help you accept and love yourself NOW.

First Impressions: Dining Room

If you see the dining room immediately, your guests may not feel comfortable lingering after a meal.

Make Your Dining Room Feng Shui Friendly: 

Make eating a sacred ritual by decorating the table with fresh flowers and using good china for meals. Bless your food and show gratitude for it. Try not to eat dinner while sitting down watching television. Give yourself the gift of time and chew your food 12 times per bite.

Calming crystals and minerals such as blue lace agate or sodalite can quiet your appetite and slow down the pace of your meal. The slower you eat, the less likely you are to overeat. 

First Impressions: Kitchen

If you see your kitchen first, your first thought will be to eat.

Make Your Kitchen Feng Shui Friendly

Simply hanging a plant or curtain to divert attention from the kitchen can optimize the energy flow. Having the kitchen in tip-top Feng Shui shape will encourage you to make healthy food choices as well. Place a mirror at eye level on the fridge. Then look yourself in the eye, the window to the soul, and ask yourself if you are really hungry and really need this? Add a mirror above your stove to place yourself in a powerful position when you are cooking.

Is your fridge covered in magnets? Avoid this magnetic pull and instead, keep only one magnet with an affirmation: “I love my body and feed it natural healthy foods.” Bring in nature and healthy choices by growing fresh herbs and greenery in your kitchen window.

Create a clutter-free kitchen that has a sense of freshness and lightness to it. Clean out the fridge, pantry, cupboards. I recommend taking everything out, and then, piece by piece, putting back only what you use. Get rid of the rest.

Make sure not to have reds, oranges, and bright yellow on the walls, plates, or placemats in the kitchen or dining room. These colors stimulate your appetite. Choose earthy colors such as cream, tans, blues and greens to relax the nervous system and suppress appetite. A bowl of fresh fruit on the table suggests healthy choices and makes an accessible snack. Keep the energy flowing by allowing only what you use out on the counter and by placing sharp knives in a drawer out of sight.

Get Fit With Feng Shui

A healthy lifestyle begins with living in a sacred, positive environment. As you choose an exercise regimen, focus on self-love and positivity. Displaying images of vibrant health, including a picture of yourself exercising and enjoying it will help boost your motivation. When working out, keep a bit of the fiery gemstone garnet in your pocket to enhance your strength and endurance. And finally, uplift your mood at home with citrus scents by adding a few drops of lemon oil to spring water in a diffuser. Then play some dance music to get your chi energy up and your feet moving.

Before You Go

Of course, you cannot easily reconfigure the layout of your home, but you can make alterations to the room that redirect the energy flow. Use Feng Shui principles to inspect your home and clear the clutter.  Decluttering your space and optimizing your kitchen will make a profound positive impact on your well-being and your health goals.

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Love, Amanda

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