Examining Our Beliefs About Money

When I was a teenager, in order for me to fit in with the crowd I was hanging around with, I had to pretend that I did not have as much abundance in my life as I did. I felt shame and guilt for my good fortune, so I pretended not to go to the good school I did and hid the truth that my family had as much money as they did.
By the time I reached my early thirties I was ready to change. I meditated and journaled about my beliefs around money and realized that I was still carrying this shame-filled negative energy. I could not believe that so many years later I was still holding on to these unconscious beliefs.

Just becoming aware of these shame-based beliefs shifted them. I felt compassion for my teenage self for dimming my light back then. At that moment I released the old energy and created a new paradigm for myself.

Having my own family has also helped me shift that energy. In the past just having enough to cover expenses was fine; now that I have children I give myself permission to play a bigger role and have unlimited potential. And the universe has met me right there.

Money is just another form of energy. Because giving and receiving are equally important, holding onto money for reasons such as fear of losing it blocks the inflow as well as the outflow.
Every time you confront negative patterns or old beliefs that no longer serve you, you are making a breakthrough, and the universe will meet you. When you become conscious of any difficult area of your life—be it eating, your environment, how you speak, think, or play out old stories—you shine a light on an unconscious belief and that light takes away its dark power.

Perhaps your money blocks were created in childhood when you heard messages from parents, teachers, friends, or the larger society that shaped your unconscious beliefs and your feelings about what you deserve.

Examining Your Beliefs
Because the unconscious mind is so powerful, you will need to go deep to discover what those unconscious beliefs are. Listen to your thoughts and to what you say, such as:

  • Money does not grow on trees
  • They are filthy rich
  • Who am I to earn this much money?
  • This is too much
  • Earning money is hard work
  • I’m always broke
  • Money is evil
  • I’m bad with money
  • I’m afraid of money
  • Too much money will kill the harmony of relationships
  • Too much money invites jealousy
Meditate on these Realities
These are just illusions in your unconscious mind and you have the power to change them, especially when you discover your self-sabotaging fears of money and success. To replace these negative illusions, you might meditate on these realities instead:

  • There is enough in the world for everyone to have enough
  • There is no such thing as competition, so let go of your scarcity mentality
Allow yourself to become more aware when you talk about money, pay for things, and receive money. How do you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally? See if you can cultivate an attitude of gratitude by giving thanks as you pay a bill that you have the water, electricity, or whatever else your money buys. And thanks also that you have the abundance to pay for it.

Together, let us create a beautiful union between mindfulness and our money stories to raise consciousness around for ourselves, our planet and our next generation.

Affirmations are amazing, find a couple that you love and that speak to your heart and soul
Write them on your bathroom mirror, say them out loud 8 times a day ones such as:

  • Money and spirituality can co-exist in harmony
  • I am willing, ready and able to receive money
  • I am sensible with money and manage it wisely
  • I allow my income to constantly expand and I always live in comfort and joy

They will feel aligned for as long as you need them then perhaps find one to raise your consciousness even more.

My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift.

Love, Amanda

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