Day in the Life of Feng Shui Consultant Sherry Brouzes

What is it like to have a successful Feng Shui business?

We’re bringing you a new series of blog posts where we interview past Feng Shui Master Certification students about their Feng Shui business and why they chose to become a Feng Shui consultant.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

In my career as a professional nurse, I saw a distinct correlation between how our environment affects a person’s health and well-being. I saw how patients would ‘perk up’ after receiving flowers or a beautiful plant in their hospital room. Hospitals are very noisy, and it would be difficult for patients to rest and heal. Hospital executives and administrators are now integrating biophilic design into hospitals and medical centers after studying the positive healing effect for patients and staff. I began studying the environment and health, which led me to the fascinating ancient art and science called Feng Shui.

What made you decide to become a certified master in Feng Shui?

I am a very analytical person, and I wanted to learn about Feng Shui as much as possible. My first certification was with the ‘3 door method’ of Feng Shui, a form of modern or Western Feng Shui. It is non-directional, meaning a compass is not used in this ‘school’ of Feng Shui. I studied Feng Shui related to Interior Design. I practiced that form of Feng Shui for a while, and then I decided I wanted to delve deeper into Traditional/Classical Feng Shui, which includes directions and the compass. I began to study with a few Masters and became certified in Classical Feng Shui. I began to implement Classical Feng Shui into my personal life and for my family. Almost immediately, I felt shifts and improvements in my energy, the same for my family and clients. I began only practicing Classical Feng Shui for clients and still felt I needed something more. I came across The International Feng Shui School in 2017 and the founder Amanda Sophia on the internet and began following her. Immediately, I felt a connection with her teaching style due to her spiritual approach. I signed up for Amanda’s online Feng Shui Certification course and have never looked back. It was the best thing I ever did for myself and my Feng Shui biz.


What is your favorite part of being a Feng Shui consultant?

It is lovely when you can help a client support their own life and energy with Feng Shui. Clients are seeking a way to improve aspects of their lives such as health, abundance, career, etc. Adjusting the environment in a person’s space, whether it is their home or business, brings me great joy. There are so many layers to Feng Shui that affect us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I have seen my clients who implement Feng Shui gain so much positivity in their lives. Energy is constantly in flux, and it is fascinating and almost magical how Feng Shui works to improve our lives.

What does a day in your life typically look like?

Since the pandemic, I have been working from my home office; however, hopefully, that will be changing soon. I miss going into a person’s home and discussing their goals with them. It is an honor to be invited into a person’s private space. I take that very seriously and always only for the highest good. I have met such amazing folks on my Feng Shui journey as a Consultant and have made amazing friends. Today’s modern technology, such as Zoom and google maps for compass readings, has been fabulous for Feng Shui consultants. I reside in Canada and have clients in the U.K., Greece, Netherlands, and the U.S.A.

I enjoy looking at the environment surrounding a person’s home to analyze the landform. I enjoy the hands-on approach with compass readings, calculations and exploring the best elemental remedies and the best way to create a supportive space that aligns people for their best life. I enjoy following up with clients and getting feedback on how things are going in their life. I offer ongoing support to all my clients.

I am also a Feng Shui columnist for a few magazines, such as the United Colours of Design by founder Amy Bell. The magazine is for people in the creative industry to find support for their business and personal life with the energy of color. I also enjoy writing for a few real estate businesses and our holistic community of spiritual healers called Spiritual Niagara Insights magazine.

What would you say has been your proudest moment as a Feng Shui consultant?

There have many proud moments for me as a Feng Shui Consultant. I remember one of my first clients was having a tough time in her career, and she reached out to me to do a Feng Shui Consultation for her. I went into her home and immediately could see many areas of her house not supporting her in aspects of her life. It was the first time my training and studying came together, and I felt very confident in my work as a consultant, which was a beautiful experience. Two weeks after the Consultation with me, she received an offer for a position in her career of choice and is now a well-known celebrity in our area. I will never forget that magical Feng Shui Consultation!

What do you think is the most important part of Feng Shui?

I genuinely believe that all aspects of Feng Shui are essential. Feng Shui is energy-based and how the vital energy between Heaven, Humans, and Earth interact. However, I would say the environment is essential because of its effect on all of humanity, whether positive or negative.

Are there any words of wisdom you would offer to someone interested in becoming a Feng Shui consultant?

If you are thinking about becoming a Feng Shui Consultant, I would suggest you find an excellent teacher and school primarily. I cannot think of one negative thing about becoming a Feng Shui Consultant. It is a very versatile career. Today more ever, we are spending so much time in our homes. Feng Shui can support all of us, and when we have a balanced environment, we have the energetic support we all need today. I highly recommend Amanda Sophia and the International Feng Shui School. Amanda will support you through your training with compassion and love.

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