Aligning with Your Higher Self

Beloved,you are not separate from your higher self; you and your higher self are one. To know this deeply, it’s important to make time to connect.
It takes just a few minutes to make that connection, and when you do so, you feel more deeply linked to yourself, your path, your inner wisdom. You feel bathed in unconditional love in a place where everything feels peaceful, even during difficult times. Aligning with your higher purpose brings clarity about your path.

You may feel as if your central self has finally been plugged into the right socket, and you just need to turn on the switch. Achieving this connection can then feel natural and become a daily habit, like brushing your teeth.

This is because your Higher Self is your TRUE self, your authentic spiritual self— the REAL you. This self “speaks” to you through your intuition. Your Higher Self is the one who possesses your spiritual contract, the plan you made for yourself before you incarnated, your instructions-for-life manual.

Your Higher Self is pure consciousness that offers wisdom and guidance about where to go now and in the next moment. It offers you clear, certain knowledge that your thoughts and feelings are real and not mere defenses or reactions coming from your ego, fears, or old patterns.

The more you connect, the more your Higher Self will reveal clear signs almost like a special code for you. You may see images or sacred symbols, experience coincidences and synchronicities, hear or feel your Higher Self as a presence that gives you chills or tells you to breathe more deeply.

Like all of us humans, you may sometimes be disconnected from your Higher Self and instead see yourself as an inferior being or harbor beliefs blocking you from the truth that you are spirit. When that happens, it’s time to reconnect.

How to connect with your Higher Self:
  • Find a quiet place and sit comfortably in silence for a few moments.
  • Allow yourself to feel surrounded by warm loving energy like a friend’s.
  • Gently close your eyes as if turning inward to your internal landscape.
  • Take a few deep full breaths, inhaling fully, exhaling completely.
  • Allow yourself to drop into the present moment.
  • Visualize sending a cord down into the earth connecting with its energy.
  • Invite this energy back up from the earth into and through your body.
  • Become the observer, watching your breath rise and fall with no attachment.
  • You are seeing and experiencing the you who is your infinite self.
  • Feel this inner being as beautiful, present, amazing and loved unconditionally.
  • Feel this deep inner self integrate into your body, your heart and mind.
  • You are aware of your divine spirit when you feel this oneness between you and your higher self, when you feel that deep sense of peace, alignment, integration, and belonging. Allow these sensations and this knowledge to permeate your entire being.

    Your higher self is always there, ready and waiting for you to consciously plug in and connect.

    My invitation to you is give yourself this tremendous gift.

    Love, Amanda

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